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  • Street Food on Sukhumvit Soi 38

    Thai Food Stalls on the street


    NOTE: Due to construction of a new residential condominium, the vast majority of Soi 38 street food has moved. There are now only a handful of roadside stalls remaining.

    Sukhumvit Soi 38 offers a great initiation into Thai street food. Located only a few steps from the BTS at Thong Lor, it is a real contrast with the smarter restaurants that line Sukhumvit Road. Here you will eat on the street at a wobbly metal table with cars dodging the carts and stalls that line the road and the occasional friendly soi dog jogging by looking hopefully for some scraps. Open from 18:00 until the early hours of the morning, there are plenty of eating options along this busy street. The food is tasty, cheap and arrives quickly, and most menus are in English making it easy to make your choice. Unlike some street food stalls, those on soi 38 are pretty hygienic and the ingredients are fresh – an extra plus point!

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  • Like many food streets you can grab a table anywhere along soi 38 and order from a selection of stalls. The owners don’t mind, and friendly staff will even run your other dishes over to your table. Although street food on soi 38 has become popular with visitors to Bangkok, it has stayed in favour with locals as well. Sometimes they dine by the road, and occasionally you will see the driver of an extremely swanky car jump out to grab some take-away dishes for their backseat passengers. The road changes throughout the night, with some restaurants only open till 20:00 and then other stalls not setting up until 22:00.

    On the right hand side, near the entrance to the street there is an extremely popular and well-known stall ‘Pad Thai Fire Look’. The old man fries his noodles for hours every night, and although it might not seem like much, he has a reputation as one of the best Pad Thai cooks in the city, and even if you aren’t a connoisseur, they are very tasty. Just a little further back you will find the smoothie and juice man. For 20-40 baht you can grab a blended iced-drink from this chap, with a wide variety of Thai fruits including papaya, mango and lime. If you are lucky he will also have young fresh coconuts for 30 baht. From around 21:00, along the small alley near the juice stall you will find a noodle cart that sells the most amazing noodle soup, served with crab meat, wontons and barbeque pork (50 baht).

    If you continue along on the right hand side you will pass plenty of good restaurants, including a guy burning his fingers whilst grilling tasty pork satay. Towards the end of the row you will find a wood lined restaurant with the cooking station outside. Here you can try delicious Khao Soi (50 baht) and freshly battered Pathong Ko (30 baht), which could potentially belong in the doughnut family, and come with condensed milk and pandan leaf custard for dipping. Another great stall for dessert is the Mango and Sticky Rice stall on the left hand side of the road, run by two smiley ladies, serving up generous portions of juicy fruit and rice covered in coconut sauce for only 60 baht.

    Street Food on Sukhumvit Soi 38

    • Opening Hours: 18:00 till early hours of morning
    • Location: End of Sukhumvit soi 38 near the BTS
    • BTS: Thong Lor
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