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  • Spa Athenée in Bangkok

    Blood Type Therapy at Plaza Athenée Hotel, A Royal Meridien Hotel


    The signature treatment at Spa Athenée is what really makes this chic spa on Wireless Road stand out. One of the first hotels in the world to offer therapies designed to address the main complaints of each blood type; it is rare to find somewhere that goes the extra mile to ensure that your treatment suits both inside and out. As well as blood type treatments, Spa Athenée also has a series of treatments for ladies and gentlemen suited to the activities one partakes in whilst visiting Bangkok, like a post shopping therapy for women (your feet will thank you) and a Golf Revival treatment for men (both cost 3,900 baht for 90 minutes). They even have a fabulous after work care package if you’ve had a meeting that’s left you in knots.

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  • Spa Athenée is located above the swimming pool area in Plaza Athenée, A Royal Meridien Hotel, but you are completely unaware of any sounds from the outside world. As you may notice, the hotel is mirrored on the outside, and when you first walk into the treatment suite it really feels like you are almost outside, looking over the swimming pool. Thankfully no prying eyes will see you here, as the view is all one way. It is really nice to be in a naturally lit room, but I was glad for the eye mask during my treatment so that I could have a little nap! There are both double and single treatment suites at Spa Anthenée, and also a specialised room for Thai massage, with a low mattress so the therapist can easy bend and stretch your tired muscles.

    If you are interested in trying the blood type therapy then you need to know your blood type before you arrive. I am type A, which means that I have problems digesting meat. In fact, the therapist even suggested vegetarianism, much to my dismay, but on the plus side I can eat as much carbohydrates as I want. The blood type therapy was developed with a team of Thai doctors. Type O is considered dominant and dynamic but needs to keep a balanced diet, and keep an eye on their stress levels, Type B have a strong immune system but should avoid certain foods (like chicken) and those with the rare AB type should combine the best of A and B.

    Before I started my blood type massage (2,700 baht), I discussed any health issues or points of focus with the team. The more they know about your health and well-being the better they can tailor the treatment. As well as working with doctors, Spa Athenée also worked with Immunetra, a Thai skin care company who matched essential oils to each blood type. Type A smelled a little like my favourite earl grey tea, with bergamot but also lavender, peppermint and chamomile. The treatment I enjoyed was a Immunetra Colon Cleansing Massage, which sounds a little more invasive that it was! There were similar techniques used in a full-body oil massage, but they focus on massaging your stomach to help with digestion and relaxation.

    The pressure of the massage was excellent, and I could sense the tension slipping away as the therapist worked her magic. I felt extremely chilled out and a little sleepy when I finished my treatment, but thankfully you are not rushed out of your room. Instead you get to enjoy tea and fruit whilst enjoying the view. If you are interested in extending your blood therapy treatment then you can combine an exfoliation and wrap with the massage to enjoy a longer, more-in depth package. The unusual treatments at Spa Athenée make it stand out from the rest of the hotels in Bangkok, and the massage was a five star experience from start to finish.

    Spa Athenée

    • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
    • BTS: Ploen Chit
    • Address: 61 Wireless Road (Witthayu) 
    • Tel: + 66 (0)2 6508800 ext. 5001
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