Something Sweet Cafe Bangkok

A long-time favourite cake shop in Sathorn

The perfectly titled ‘Something Sweet’ cafe in Bangkok has been satisfying those with a sweet tooth for over 12 years now, making this one of the city’s longer-running independent cake shops. With a wealth of experience under their belt, as well as a professionally trained cake-connoisseur owner, Something Sweet Bangkok offers substance as well as innovation, setting it above the rest of its younger competition.

Located on Sathorn Soi 8, right in the heart of Bangkok’s financial district and close to Chong Nonsi BTS, the cafe’s basic downstairs lobby area has plenty of space to sit but real no wow-factor. However, a climb up the small staircase unveils a whole different world. This second floor is a kaleidoscope of audaciously colourful wallpaper, playboy-esque leather sofas, and extravagant mirrors - all of which made us reach for our cameras in an instant.

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As we tucked into their homemade, flourless chocolate cake (two huge slaps of fluffy, chocolatey heaven with a rich sauce and vanilla ice cream) for 195 baht, owner/cake artist, Chanun’s explanation of Something Sweet’s inspiration made so much sense:

“Back when I started 12 years ago, the only cafes in Bangkok offering quality cakes were too expensive. The rest were Starbucks”, the entrepreneur explains. “I wanted to create a place where people could enjoy high-quality cakes at affordable prices.”

Other examples of how Chanun has succeeded in this vision include the delightful green tea lava tart (185 baht), which oozes hot green tea sauce once you break the crust, as well as the customer favourite: half-baked cookie dough (155 baht). His creations look as pretty as they are tasty, and with most falling within the 100-190 baht price range, his ambition of producing affordable cakes has clearly been realised too.  

A standard range of coffees and teas are available, though we opted for the house special espresso latte (115 baht) and lemon ice tea (100 baht). As you can see, the glasses come with espresso and lemon tea ice cubes respectively, allowing you to pour over the liquid yourself. You then wait for the ice cubes to slowly melt and release their flavour. Not so good if you’re in a rush, but definitely a fun gimmick that works well and tastes great. There is no savoury menu here but with sweets this good we can’t hold that again them.

Aside from the cakes and drinks, we were pleasantly surprised to see a comprehensive selection of English language novels, magazines and photo books lining the numerous bookshelves upstairs. Something Sweet Bangkok also has two private rooms which can be booked for meeting or functions, and they have a flat screen TV which the friendly staff will turn on if you ask. Last but not least, the cake shop also produces huge handmade cakes to order (their solid chocolate Minion cake is the best – and cutest – of the bunch), which are all great for birthday parties and weddings. 

Something Sweet Cafe and Bakery is on Sathorn Soi 8, walking distance from Chon Nonsi BTS (head for the main intersection, use the modern Sathorn Bridge as a landmark and turn left onto Sathorn Road), or give them a call for orders on the number below!

Something Sweet Cafe Bangkok

  • Opening Hours: Everyday 10:00-22:00 (close 23:00 Fri/Sat)
  • BTS: Chong Nonsi
  • Address: 47/4, Sathorn Soi 8
  • Tel: +66 2 636 9440
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