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  • Silver Waves Dim Sum Buffet at Chatrium Hotel

    Rooftop Chinese Dining in Bangkok


    A dim-sum lunch at Silver Waves Restaurant, combined with its penthouse-style panoramic view, is one of the classiest ways to spend midday in Bangkok. The a la carte buffet is served from the 36th floor of the Chatrium Hotel overlooking the iconic Chao Praya River and features all the traditional favourites, including shu mai dumplings, spring rolls, har gao, Szechuan hot and sour soup, and sweet gingko beans.

    Dim sum or ‘little treats’ is a Cantonese style of cooking that has grown from a Hong Kong speciality into a worldwide favourite. There are numerous restaurants offering dim-sum lunches throughout Bangkok but Silver Waves Restaurant offers tasty and genuine portions of meat and seafood delicacies with full silver-service for the surprisingly reasonable price of 599 baht when compared to other rooftop restaurants inside five-star hotels.

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  • The floor-to-ceiling windows and modern silver and white design provides a popular spot for business lunches as well as local Bangkokians who know the value on offer between 11:30 and 14:30. The menu is not as extensive as other Chinese restaurants but there is still an assorted range of soups, dumpling type dishes, and for the traditionalists or adventurous, fried chicken feet. Probably the most well known of all dim-sum dishes, the shu mai in Silver Waves Restaurants are prepared bigger than usual and packed with either shrimp or minced pork. Served in small bamboo baskets, they are soft and delicately flavoured, and offer the unmistakeable taste of Cantonese cuisine. Fluffy, steamed dumplings also feature prominently on the menu and are enjoyable although a little lacklustre when compared to other options. The great thing about the flat rate cost of lunch is the option to try a little bit of everything... and more of what you like.

    The view alone is reason enough to visit Silver Waves Restaurant, with the Chao Praya River – at times calm, at others hectic with crisscrossing boats and ferries – laid out far below, and there is a lounge area and large balcony for enjoying the view before or after your meal. Although the buffet option is not offered at dinner, the restaurant does offer their a la carte menu from 18:00 and guarantees a breathtaking sunset vista. To cater for those who come for the view, the restaurant offers pre-dinner tapas dishes from 17:00, before dinner starts an hour later. The a la carte menu (which is also available at lunchtime) contains some real delicacies on offer at Silver Waves, namely the half roast duck, which has a thin crispy skin and soft breast meat, and the sweet and sour pork fillet which is also succulent and uniquely flavoured with an orange glaze.

    Dining at Silver Waves combines a traditional Cantonese banquet with a modern, rooftop setting and offers a memorable experience for lunch or dinner. Expect the table to be a covered with an assortment of small dishes, baskets and twice as many dipping sauces, even though staff promptly remove finished plates as you sample your way through Cantonese delicacies. To find Silver Waves simply take a taxi to Chatrium Hotel or, if you want a more romantic arrival, take the free shuttle boat from Sapan Taksin Pier, adjacent to the BTS station of the same name.

    Silver Waves

    • Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30-14:30, Pre- dinner Tapas from 17.00, Dinner from 18.00-21:00
    • Location: Chatrium Hotel, 36th Floor, 28 Charoen Krung, Soi 70, Bangkok
    • Tel: 02-307 8888
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