Silom Walking Street on Sunday

Sunday Market in Bangkok

The Silom Walking Street is now closed. 

Silom Walking Street is an excellent new initiative that sees one of Bangkok’s most famous roads closed down, making way for huge pedestrianized zone that gets packed-out with hundreds of food, fashion, and electronics vendors. It runs every Sunday from 15:00 until around 22:00 and is particular easy to find in the center of Bangkok – directly underneath Sala Daeng BTS Station.

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The move – a government backed projected that kicked off at the start of 2015 - is seen as another step forward in ridding the Silom district of its once seedy image (although the naughty go-go bars of Patpong are still not exactly difficult to find).

Rumor has it, the idea to temporarily pedestrianize Silom Road came as a result of the Bangkok protests in 2014, when many major roads were ‘shut down’ and transformed into walking streets, generating healthy trade for local vendors. The Silom Walking Street on Sunday is a pilot project, initially running from the start of 2015 to 2016… and so far it seems to be working rather well.

As for what to buy, Silom Walking Street really excels on the street food front; every Thai dish in the history of the kingdom seems to be here, as well as some tasty international offerings like pizza, pastries, kebabs, and steak.

Unlike most evening and night markets in Bangkok where pedestrians shuffle along at a snail’s pace, often crammed into narrow, steamy walkways, Silom Walking Street offers a much more pleasant shopping experience. Vendors line each side of the pavement, meaning you have the entire two-way road for walking space.

Another thing we love here is the lively, feel good vibes – with a good mix of young teens, families, couples and tourists adding to the cosmopolitan atmosphere. There’s also live music, street performances and when we went, a traditional Thai dance show.

In terms of shopping, there is quality to be found here, just don’t expect the stuff on sale here to revolutionize the whole Thai market experience: we’re talking 50 baht Ray Ban knock-offs, 100 baht vintage plaid shirts, worn Converse for 500 baht, mini tuk-tuks models made from soda cans, handmade flip flops that will last you a week, fake designer bags and piles of accessories such as cheap beads, rings and earrings. 

Previously only really associated with its bustling business district in the daytime and nightlife scene after the goes down, this new Walking Street really adds a welcome new dimension to Bangkok’s famous Silom Road.

Find Silom Walking Street Sunday Market by heading to Sala Daeng BTS or Silom MRT Station any time after 15:00 on a Sunday, with the action winding down slightly before 22:00.

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Silom Walking Street on Sunday

  • Opening Hours: 15:00 – 22:00 every Sunday
  • Location: Silom Road, Bangkok
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