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  • Sangthong Pork and Roast Duck Restaurant

    Authentic and Delicious Thai Lunch in Ratchada Bangkok


    This Restaurant is Currently Closed

    Sangthong (translated as Golden Light) is a local restaurant with an impressive pedigree – the original branch and corresponding family recipe has been serving delicious plates of crispy pork belly, Chinese red pork and roast duck for over 50 years. There are many neighbourhood restaurants in Bangkok serving this Thai/Chinese fusion type of food, but Sangthong Restaurant Huay Kwang is surely unbeatable in terms of taste and cost. The restaurant is located around 1km away from Huai Kwang MRT Station, close to the Laos and Cambodian Embassies, so Sangthong Restaurant and its friendly, English-speaking owner offer tourists a great place to stop for some delicious Thai food and local, trustworthy advice. They are open from 09:00 until 19:00 and get busiest around lunch time when the place can be rather hectic.

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  • Prices start at just 30 baht for a bowl of red pork and ‘ba mee’ (soft, yellow noodles), which come in a flavoursome broth with Chinese cabbage and garnished with chopped spring onion and coriander leaves. There is also the option of boiled pork dim sum to be added to the broth, made on premises every morning. For a meat on rice selection, prices range from 35 baht to 50 baht, with duck and crispy pork being the most popular although there is also a ‘mixed’ option with a bit of everything, including some chunky Chinese sausage. If you go with the rice option you will get to try the sauce that is famed at Sangthong Restaurant and a closely guarded secret. The recipes of both the pork and duck sauces require a range of herbs and spices to achieve the finely balanced flavours. The duck sauce is ladled from a steaming pot over freshly chopped slices of duck and has flavours including soy bean and star anise. The pork sauce is sweeter and thicker with a lightly spiced, peppery aftertaste that goes fantastically well with the crispy skin of the pork belly and the tender meat underneath.

    Along with the range of fresh meat, Sangthong Restaurant in Huai Kwang also serves four soup dishes: bitter gourd and pork rib, bamboo with chicken wing, shitake mushroom and, our favourite, pickled lime with chicken wings. All the soups have Chinese goji berries inside which are said to have many medicinal qualities including improving eyesight – or so I am told. To endear yourself to the locals, order an ‘o-liang’ (Chinese ice coffee) or ‘cha dum yen’ (sweet ice tea), drinks that are usually found in roast duck restaurants.

    Sangthong Restaurant is in a bright blue shop house which is open to the street – that means no air con – and has a down-to-earth charm that is the perfect example of everyday Bangkok life. There are signs in English and Thai but the easiest way to spot the restaurant is to look out for a large display cabinet with freshly roasted ducks and crispy pork belly hanging inside. To get to Sangthong, take a taxi or motorbike to “Huai Kwang, Pracha Utit (ooh-tit), Soi 4 (See)”. From Huai Kwang MRT Station you are only 1km and just seconds away from an authentic and delicious local lunch.

    Sangthong Restaurant

    • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 19:00
    • MRT: Huai Kwang
    • Address: 468 Pracha Utit, Huai Kwang, Bangkok
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