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  • Rajawongse Clothier – Bangkok Tailors

    A Famous Tailors on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok


    Rajawongse Clothier, at first glance, appears no different to the rows of other bespoke tailor shops that line Sukhumvit Road around Bangkok's lively Nana area. However, take a minute to stop and observe the narrow, no-frills looking shop front and you’ll notice one crucial factor that sets Rajawongse Clothier apart from the rest of the competition: their glass door is constantly being opened and closed all day long – not by an overly pushy salesman telling the passing crowds “nice shirt my friend, you want one more?” – but instead by a constant stream of customers. 

    For over 30 years, this friendly father and son team has welcomed thousands of tourists, expats, office workers, ambassadors, politicians, diplomats and even ex and current presidents, who, judging by Rajawongse’s overwhelming popularity both in Bangkok and across the world, would all swear by the name. went to find out why.

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  • First Impression

    Once you’ve made it inside Rajawongse Clothier you’ll notice things are done a little differently. There is no salesman. There’s nobody following you around the shop telling you how good the fabric is and how cheap the prices are and how you’re going to get an ‘excellent deal’. Instead, you get the impression that the quality and reputation of this bespoke tailors really speaks for itself.

    Jesse and Victor, the father and son owners and fitters, are on hand to offer their expert advice on what would be a best fit, fabric or style suited for each individual who comes through the door, and seem more interested in what you’re doing in Bangkok or what (free) drink you’d like, rather than boasting about their global reputation as being one of the best tailors in Bangkok or their long list of famous clientele.

    The Price

    Rajawongse Clothier has a flat 1,500 baht ($45) rate for Egyptian cotton, custom-made shirts, whilst full suits are between 12,000-14,000 baht ($400). Impressively, all of the wool used in Rajawongse Clothier is sourced from European mills and are finished with Bemburg lining which is attractive, durable and breathable. For the first-time buyers, especially those not used to thinking in baht, we should tell you these prices are pretty in the mid-range for bespoke shirts and suits in Bangkok.

    The lowest you’ll find anywhere in town for a half-decent custom made shirt is around 800 baht. However, paying that extra few hundred baht, as we found out, is well worth it. Not only do you get that extra quality, but you can also tell your friends back home that your shirt was made by the same guys who make suits for the President of America.

    The End Product

    After an initial measuring session, our shirts were available to pick up after three days. The usual procedure is to return for a fitting – especially if you order a suit – to make any corrections. However, the shirts were both perfect to take home (and show off in the office the next day) at the first time of asking. We chose two different styles of shirts – one with a buttoned down collar for tucking in (longer in length) and one slightly more casual shirt with an unbuttoned collar. Note: Full suits take around one week to make, and at least one fitting.

    Why You’ll Be Back

    Suits tailored at Rajawongse are produced in one of their four personal factories so customers have the option of bespoke touches like pick stitching, surgeon cuffs and hand-stitched button holes. Rajawongse Clothier offers undeniable quality all for a lower price you could pay for an off-the-rack, polyester mix shirt in a department store. Another big plus is that once they have your measurements, you can order again on their website and have your garments shipped anywhere in the world. 

    Find Rajawongse Clothier Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road, just a short walk from Nana BTS Skytrain Station.

    Rajawongse Clothier

    • Opening Hours: 10:30-20:30 (closed Sundays)
    • BTS: Nana
    • Address: 30 Sukhumvit Road, (near Sukhumvit Soi 4) Bangkok
    • Tel: +66 (0) 2255 3714 or +66 (0) 2255 3715
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