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    Play with Persian cats near Thong Lor


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    The purr’fect place to escape the city and relax, this feline-themed lounge is one place where cats, not humans rule; from the puss-inspired balcony to the tasty kitty-shaped treats you get to eat. Around ten minutes walk from the BTS at Thong Lor on Sukhumvit Soi 53, Purr Cat Cafe is located on a quiet residential street in a small house, look out for the sign on the left hand side of the road. Open from 11:00 every day except Monday it easy to spend a couple of hours in Cat land, petting the cats and enjoying the calm. They say that having a pet makes you more relaxed and able to cope with stress, but in Bangkok’s small apartments this is not always possible, so the Cat Cafe has found many fans here.

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  • As I said before, this is a place that takes its cats seriously. Before you enter you have to take off your shoes, wash your hands and read the cat rules – don’t poke them, tease them, pick them up or feed them human cake. The house is split into different areas: a shop selling cute feline outfits, a cat beautician, a small dining area and a large cat room with armchairs and floor cushions so you can be right at the heart of the action to snuggle up with the Purr family. The cafe is owned by the pretty actress Rattanarat Uataweekul, who appears in the Saturday night sitcom 'Jood-nud-pob' (Meeting Point) even if you are not familiar with the show she will be recognisable by the crowd of keen Thai teenagers who hang around her instead of the animals.

    There are 14 fluffy Persian cats in the lounge, and although they like a nap they are thankfully never all asleep at the same time. You will find them snoozing in drawers and behind curtains, wearing cute dresses and playing on the stairs and balcony above your head. Like most places in Bangkok, Purr Cat Cafe offers a lot of photo-opportunities, but please do not use the flash on your camera or you will stun the kitties. Getting a table in here can take a while, and service isn’t the swiftest you will experience, but you will be having so much fun that it won’t really bother you. The tables and floor cushions are the most popular spots for both cats and guests so be sure to get here early if you want to sit amongst the cats.

    Although there is nothing extraordinary about the food it is still tasty with a sense of fun. It continues the theme with cat-shaped brownies, biscuits dipped in melted chocolate and the scones, which from a certain angle definitely have a feline form. Even your hot chocolate comes with whiskers! For those who think cat food is taking it a bit far, there are also plenty of treats and a good selection of hot and cold beverages. There are plenty of cafés and cats in Bangkok, but this novel way of bringing them both together is sure to bring visitors to Soi 53, whether out of curiosity or simply for some cat loving.

    Purr Cat Cafe

    • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 - 22:00 and Saturday and Sunday 11:00 - 23:00
    • Address: Soi Sukhumvit 53 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
    • Tel: +66 2 108 3604
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