Nuer Koo Noodle Soup in Siam Paragon

One of the Best Noodle Soups in Town

Who would have thought that one of the best noodle soups in Bangkok could be found next to the escalator of the largest and most luxurious shopping malls in town! Of course noodle soup comes in so many forms and everyone has a preference and an opinion: what it should taste like, how it should be done, not to mention how much it should cost, but Nuer Koo is without a doubt our current favourite.

Nuer Koo (pronounce 'Nua Kooh') takes one of the most basic Asian dishes and make it a luxury treat. Found on the fourth floor of Siam Paragon shopping mall, the restaurant is not even a real restaurant as you don't really step inside a room, but by doing so Nuer Koo brings the concept of 'street food' to a new indoor dimension. It is small and easily overlooked but always full and it might just get busier once this story is out, so expect a bit of waiting at lunch or dinner time.

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Don't expect to pay as little as in a street of course, you are still inside Siam Paragon, probably the most extravagant shopping mall in Thailand. Prices range from 'a bit expensive' to 'extremely expensive', but if you know a bit about meat grades you will understand what these fancy meat names mean. Anyway, you don't have to go for the top of the line to enjoy a great bowl of soup. The traditional noodle soup costs 80 baht, but the fun really starts with the special high grade beef. Choose from several types of sliced beef: shoulder (235 baht), under rib (350 baht), rib-eye (450 baht), imported Australian Wagyu (550 baht) or imported Japanese Kobe beef (550  baht). Then select the type of noodle you like, rice vermicellis, flat noodles or slim noodles (25 baht) which are served separately.

Alternatively you can order pork noodle soup at 85 baht or with Kurobuta pork at 125 baht. As the meat is rather expensive a good option is to order one bowl of meat and two bowls of noodles as these are served in quite small portions. If you are in a rice mood, the same choice of meat can be served with that instead.

The success of Nuer Koo doesn't only come from the high quality of meat, but also from the rich soup. Restaurants often serve noodles in a very clear soup, sometimes tasteless or add blood to the broth to make it taste richer. Apparently here the soup is prepared in a different way, probably over a long period of time to obtain this rich taste but light color and texture. We asked what the secret was, but the owner answered 'there is no secret ingredient' with a smile that said otherwise.

Of course beef noodle soup using imported meat is not a new thing in Bangkok, so far the most expensive one we found at the Provence restaurant at Erawan shopping mall, but only Nuer Koo has managed to create such unique soup, you might just drink it all even once beef and noodles are long gone... Try it!

Nuer Koo Restaurant

  • Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Location: 4th Floor at Siam Paragon
  • BTS: Siam
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