Nahm Restaurant

Award Winning Restaurant at Metropolitan Hotel

Consistently ranked among the finest restaurants in the world, and with a Michelin star chef at the helm, Nahm serves Thai cuisine prepared according to ancient recipes with a focus on how the flavours and textures of premium quality ingredients interact together. Whether you are a longstanding visitor to Bangkok or it is your first time eating traditional Thai food, Nahm will both surprise and delight you with fantastic dishes.

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Located on the ground floor of Metropolitan Hotel on Sathorn Road, the decor combines a tasteful mix of Thai styled brick columns with subtle gold and blue colour scheme and latticed wooden screens that help keep an intimate dining experience. There are private rooms at the back – the ‘go to’ seats for politicians and celebrities – and also additional seating outside, surrounded by the hotel swimming pool and a water feature – similar to a lily pond.

Diners are free to choose a la carte or order the set menu. We recommend the set menu option to really experience the combination of spicy, sweet, bitter and sour – all the powerful and painstakingly balanced flavours synonymous with Thai cuisine.

To begin there is an amuse-bouche called ‘ma hor’. Specifically, it is a delightfully chewy concoction of mined shrimp, chicken and nuts reduced in palm sugar and spooned on top of a slice of pineapple. The richness of the topping and delicate use of chilli is offset by the sweet pineapple and proves the perfect introduction to our dining experience. This is followed by several canapés featuring an interesting betel leaf dish which guests must fold into a cone and fill with a mixture of spicy pork, herbs, and crunchy rice cracker, and – our personal favourite – skewered mussels coated in a southern-style spicy marinade. The grilled mussels are large, fresh and deliciously soft, while the flavour of the sauce has definite note of Indian tikka spice.

The next courses of the set are served alongside one another in traditional Thai style, consisting of a salad, soup, curry and deep fried dish. Fans of spicy and sour flavours simply have to try Chef Thompson’s tom yum soup. While retaining the unmistakable chilli and lime kick, the use of plump straw mushrooms, firm-to-the-bite herbs and succulent chicken make the soup an experience in itself and will be a benchmark to which future tom yums will be measured. There are a range of imaginative and curious salad options, with something for meat and fish eaters, a particular highlight being the lemongrass salad of prawns, squid and pork with toasted coconut. The young lemongrass sprigs are slightly crunchy, again with a delicate use of chilli and coconut milk, and is the most balanced and delicious we are yet to try.

It’s difficult to pick standout dishes from a menu this accomplished, but in terms of intrigue, the spicy stir-fried frog’s legs with basil and cumin leaves are something of an eye raiser and also very traditional, with succulent morsels of meat, and heavily flavoured. In fact, every option at Nahm packs an almost challenging amount of flavour and is best eaten along with rice. The set dinner takes over two and a half hours to finish, and rightfully so, as food at Nahm should be savoured and mused over to really appreciate the punchy yet measured flavours.

To end the meal in suitable style, desserts are also taken from antiquity, which means tropical fruit, beans, and vegetables, prepared around a staple of coconut milk. ‘Nam keng sai’ (shaved ice dessert) is a staple of Thai dining, with seasonal fruits and vegetables hidden beneath the coconut milk and mini-mountain of ice. Personally, we can’t resist the other classic of Thai dessert, mango and sticky rice, which is covered in thick coconut cream and garnished with sesame.

Nahm is open for lunch from 12:00 – 14:00 (set menu 1,100 baht ++) and dinner from 19:00 to 22:30 (set menu 1700 baht ++). The menus are similar for both sittings, but the dinner menu is more extensive and offers more courses for the set menu.

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COMO Metropolitan Bangkok

The best thing about the Metropolitan is that the hotel offers you so much more than just a bed to sleep in.Nahm restaurant serves up some of the best Thai food in the city, creating a host of amazing Thai dishes using high-quality ingredients and some interesting twists.Any food lover visiting Bangkok should include a trip here on their to-do list.Creative cocktails are served in the Met Bar, with happy hour running from 16:00 till 21:00.For those looking to relax, there is no better way to do it than booking into Shambalaya Spa for a massage and facial or simply relaxing in the hydro pool.The hotel also boasts a great fitness centre, with top-of-the-range equipment, a separate yoga studio and an outdoor swimming pool. Read More...

Nahm Restaurant

The Metropolitan Hotel is located on Sathorn Road, next to several other high-end hotels such as The Banyan Tree and The Sukhothai. To reach Nahm, take a taxi to the hotel as the closest BTS station, Chong Nonsi, is a little too far to walk.

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