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Restaurant in Thong Lor

A fantastic sensory experience awaits at Moulin Restaurant in the Thong Lor area of Bangkok, combining an eclectic New York-inspired menu with a bold and playful design scheme to create a restaurant that is strangely memorable and refreshingly different. The dining room is replete with quirky and ornate touches such as Japanese geisha prints, plush red velvet chaise lounges and custom designed mirrors. Considering these art nouveau touches together with the name and its connotations to 19th century Paris, it is clear Moulin is trying to create a vibrant venue that has the pizzazz and showmanship of a cabaret show.

Moulin is located on Thong Lor Soi 5. The BTS Skytrain Station at Thong Lor is close by but you will still need a quick, two minute taxi ride to reach the well-signposted restaurant. It is open for lunch from 11:30 to 14:30 and dinner from 17:30 to 23:00 (24:00 Friday to Sunday, closed on Monday)

The menu at Moulin is scattered with surprising dishes that might seem out-of-place to some, but once experienced it is clear that each offering deserves its place. Moulin’s signature dish – playfully called To Sir With Love – is a Caesar salad with Moulin signature dressing that would stand up against anything you can find Stateside and is highly recommended. It is served as a salad for 320 baht or for a main with four magnificent river shrimp dominating the plate for 520 baht.


The Americana influences are clear to see in some dishes, with a Cajun style shrimp gumbo (420 baht) representing New Orleans, and a lamb and steak kebab dish called Leaving Las Vegas (620 baht), which is our favourite pick from the main courses: thick cuts of premium tenderloin lamb and beef – imported, of course – grilled with crisp bell peppers and onion and served with a healthy cous cous and light wasabi dressing. For fish lovers we recommend the sizeable portion of tuna, cut into cubes and stacked on top of an avocado dip and a delicious salsa that carries a lasting chilli tingle. It’s clear the ethos at Moulin is about serving popular dishes, with the finest ingredients and attractive plating (340 baht). We must say that for this level of style, prices offer excellent value for money. For dessert there is a special New York cheesecake for 220 baht but we loved the southern-inspired classic vanilla flan: fluffy and soft, with an orange drizzle and fresh orange segments.

This dining establishment has such a vivid design concept that it doubles as a socialising venue, helped in no small part by owner and designer Chompol Serimot who has brought his experience of the New York fashion scene to Bangkok.

The cocktail list of classics is spruced up at Moulin with signature touches, such as bespoke liquors – Kai vodka from Japan being one such example – and fruity twists. The mango Margarita for 200 baht comes highly recommended; it carries a boozy punch but the liberal use of fresh mango balances the flavour perfectly.

The restaurant is located on the third floor of a lifestyle complex on Soi 5 of Thong Lor. It is an area that has seen a profusion of bars and restaurant opening in the last few years to suit the growing socialite crowd of urbane Bangkokians and clued-up foreigners. Despite the many other venues in this area, Moulin still stands out as a place that whisks you off for a whimsical journey: cuisine inspired by New York, interior design from the best of French art nouveau, and somehow so fitting for Bangkok in the 21st century.

Moulin Restaurant Bangkok

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:30 to 14:30 and dinner from 17:30 to 23:00 (open until 24:00 Fri-Sun, closed Monday)
BTS: Thong Lor
Address: Third Floor, No.88 Thong Lor Soi 5, Sukhumvit Soi 55
Tel: +66 (0) 2712 9348

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