Mercury Ville Shopping Mall

A long Awaited LIving Mall opens in Chidlom

Mercury Ville Living Mall is a bright red assymetrical building located at the intersection of Lang Suan Street and Ploenchit Road just opposite Central Chidlom. With this new arrival, the shopping mile of Bangkok grows a bit longer and the latest but by no means last addition to the shopping craze of Bangkok is definitely a good one. To many, this five storey mall might not mean much, but to those, like us, who happen to spend half of their lives around here (the working half) it means a lot. This mall has a long history and it’s with growing excitement that residents of the area called ‘Ratchaprasong’ discuss the construction progress on a daily basis.

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The Mercury Tower, which is mostly an office building, was hiding its misery for several years behind a giant grey plastic tarp as the renovation process came to a full halt for reasons we don’t need to elaborate on here. In brief, no one knew when the promised mall would be reborn from its ashes… if ever. And finally it happened, after months of hard work and multiple delays, the bright red building so beautifully presented on many computer renderings came to life and what a surprise! It looks exactly as promised in the pictures. A complicated pattern of red metal plates covers every inch of the five storeys, topped with what appears to be a future rooftop bar and best of all it even come with a direct BTS access, a feature that often can decide the fate of a small mall.

So it’s bright, new, as beautiful inside as it is outside and has a BTS access (did I mention it was cherry red?), but what is in it and what is still to come? At the time this story was published, most of the shops are still hidden and the openings are progressive, but we can already see a strong Japanese presence in many shops, including Lawson, a convenience store very well known in Japan but a newcomer in Thailand. Unfortunately so far it’s just another convenience store with no particular Japanese identity.

As soon as a new shop opens, a crowd mostly made of office workers rushes to the new addition, like they had waited their entire life for this to happen. So far here is what we spotted, some are open and some others display a sign. We will adjust the list as it grows….

Shops inside Mercury Ville


Ground Floor: 

  • Starbucks (Open)
  • Lawson 108 (Open)
  • Kalpapruek – A popular Thai Restaurant (Open)
  • Dressed – A salad bar (Open)
  • On the Table – A Tokyo style cafe (Open)
  • Mori – Japanese cake shop (Open)

Second Floor

  • Boots – No mall would be complete with a Boots (Open)
  • Coco Tea and Juice (Open)
  • Colette Prestige Nail Spa (Open)
  • Kan Optic
  • Jousen - an excellent Yakiniku (Open)
  • Kagonoya – a great Japanese Shabu Shabu (Open)

Third Floor (where the BTS access is)

  • Sato no Udon – Japanese restaurant
  • Sushi-Do – another Japanese restaurant (Open)
  • Mokuola – Japanese restaurant  (Open)
  • Food School - Korean Restaurant (Open)
  • Burger King – do we need to describe this? (Open)

Fourth Floor (rooftop)

  • Water Library Restaurant (Not yet open)

Project Computer Rendering

Mercury Ville

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Location: Corner of Langsuan Road
  • BTS: Chidlom
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