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  • KuDeTa Bangkok

    Luxury Restaurants, Cocktail Bar and Nightclub in Bangkok

    KuDeTa (or Ku De Ta) was one of the most high profile openings Bangkok has seen in years, creating a buzz right across the city. This lifestyle and entertainment brand is rightfully world-famous for their elegant restaurants, bars and nightclubs spread across the hot spots of Asia, and Ku De Ta Bangkok is the newest addition to the collection.

    Located on the 39th and 40th floors of the mammoth Sathorn Square Building the views are suitably impressive, with an uninterrupted cityscape from the nightclub section and views to the Chao Phraya River and beyond from your dinner table. Comprising two restaurants, a central cocktail bar and glamourous nightclub, KuDeTa can be loosely labelled as a lifestyle destination. The grand idea is to wrap up a night out all within one sophisticated space, hopping from restaurant to bar to club.

    To enter Ku De Ta Bangkok there is no disguising the fact that you are walking through an office tower, but everything is done to provide guests with a level of comfort and sophistication fitting of the Ku De Ta brand. For example, each group of guests is given a private elevator up to the top floors, and when you arrive you have a personal escort to your desired establishment. In fact, the service throughout the whole complex is truly excellent. Life looks better from a high vantage point, and there’s no where cooler to look out from than Ku De Ta Bangkok, whether it is over dinner, a few of the finest cocktails the city has to offer, or from their pumping nightclub.

    The entire length of the building is taken up by the opulent nightclub and lounge, accessed by a darkened entrance way flanked by candles. As you enter there is a multi-level podium with dancers shaking it high above your head to instantly get you in the party mood. The lighting and sound system is awesome at Ku De Ta although the music changes radically depending on the night. Wednesdays is ladies night with pop classics, Thursdays is house night for some more intense beats and weekends spans the genres, typically playing party pop and R’n’B to get the crowd dancing. If it all gets too much, there is a large, open air smoking area. There is a decent split between standing room and booths, catering for loungers and minglers. Read More...

    Signature is the flagship restaurant at Kudeta Bangkok. Labelled as ‘Japanese-influenced modern cuisine’ this is a fine-dining experience to impress the most particular of connoisseurs. The menu is split into cold, tempura and hot, served in a Japanese style and intended to be shared. Portions are small but exquisite in preparation and plating. The menu here is heavy on ocean delicacies and we loved the oyster trio (400 baht), fine de Claire oysters served shucked and ready to devour, with three toppings of sweet, sour and a little Thai-inspired spice. The cut of hon maguro tataki – blue fin tuna with shallots, seaweed and a Tosazu vinegar reduction – is a real treat (600 baht). The fish is cut extra fatty and is fresher than anywhere else in Bangkok, judging from the texture and unmistakeable ‘meaty’ taste. Read More...

    Izakaya is, as the name suggests, a more casual dining experience than Signature, but still uses the same premium quality ingredients and skilled chefs. The ribu buta (pork spare ribs) are extraordinary: slow braised for 12 hours, the meat is ready to drop from the bone, and for only 200 baht for five, they are amazingly good value too. The range of sushi rolls make a nice accompaniment but you can’t leave without trying their signature ramen (350 baht), cooked with a mix of miso or soy and pork bone stew, you can really taste the quality and freshness of the ingredients, and the chunks of pork they use ensure you will be left feeling happy and contented, smiling like a little fat Buddha statue. Read More...

    4. Ku Bar

    Quite simply, the drinks here are amazing. Cocktails in Bangkok have for too long been sickly sweet things with sprig of mint added as an afterthought. I am being critical, of course, but once you have tried the cocktails at Ku De Ta you will too. The menu has been devised by the Nordic Bar Syndicate and the attention to detail here is wonderful for true purveyors of excellence. Berries are being juiced, egg whites frothed, and martinis shaken down the length of the marble bar. Our favourites include Osaka Noodle Market (360 baht), a gin-based drink with refreshing cucumber and ginger muddled with frapped ice. The way it evokes the tastes of Japan has to be experienced to be believed. Other drinks to look out for are the Kiku Vespar (340 baht), a sake martini with a mild kick and plenty of yuzu orange highlights, and Ku De Ta’s own take on the Ramos Fizz called Hurricane Lychee (360 baht), mixing the sweet fruit with egg whites, cream and gin.

    More photos of Kudeta

    • Ku De Ta Nightclub
    • Outdoor Lounge
    • Signature Restaurant
    • Ku De Ta at Dusk
    • Signature Kitchen
    • Tiger Prawn, Shitake and Corn Succotash (650 baht)
    • Tiger Prawn Tempura rolled in a Light Cream
    • Selection of Desserts from Izakaya
    • Pork Ribs (ribu buta) from Izakaya
    • Hamachi Soffritto from Signature
    Ku De Ta Bangkok

    Ku De Ta Club Lounge

    With an eclectic music policy, excellent cocktails, and an elaborate design scheme, Ku De Ta Bangkok Club Lounge is the true party environment for Bangkok’s international crowd. Read More...

    Izakaya at Ku De Ta

    Izakaya at Ku De Ta

    Izakaya is a lively, casual restaurant in Ku De Ta that is a destination in its own right thanks to some truly excellent dishes at surprisingly good value. Read More...

    Signature Restaurant

    Signature is the flagship restaurant at Ku de ta Bangkok. Labelled as ‘Japanese-influenced modern cuisine’ this is a fine-dining experience to impress the most particular of connoisseurs. Read More...

    Ku De Ta Bangkok

    • Location: 39th and 40th floors, Sathorn Square Complex, 98 North Sathorn Road
    • BTS: Chong Nonsi
    • Tel: +66 (0) 2108 2000
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