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  • Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy at Gateway Ekkamai

    Kids Indoor Amusement Park in Sukhumvit Bangkok


    Both kids and adults will love Kidzoona at Molly Fantasy on the 5th floor of Gateway Ekkamai Shopping Mall. Whether it’s too hot or too rainy to be outside in Bangkok, it’s the perfect place for younger children to let off some steam, with a soft play area, inflatable slides, an overly pink merry go round and trucks and trikes to speed around on. Prices start at 180 baht for children and there is a flat rate of 90 baht for adults, giving you all-day access to the play area. Kids aged over 12 years old are not permitted, but if you are coming with teens there are some arcade games at the entrance to Molly Fantasy that will keep them entertained for a while, as well as the Japanese inspired mall to explore.

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  • Kidzooona and Molly Fantasy are only steps away from the sky train at Ekkamai, with direct access to the 2nd floor of the Gateway Ekkamai shopping mall. The staff at Kidzooona are very friendly, but some of them have limited English. Although you cannot leave your children unattended, there are enthusiastic Kidzooona staff on hand to whizz down the slides if you are not feeling very sprightly. Everyone needs to wear socks to enter the play area, so make sure you come prepared. There are also lockers for your valuables and shoes. Kidzooona is split into different sections: active play, make-believe, quiet corner and a toddler zone. It’s clean, bright and full of things to see and touch, ideal for children with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

    You enter Kidzooona via the active zone. Here kids can jump up and down on a long bouncy castle (without the turrets), ride an inflatable human sized-hamster wheel, dive into a giant ball pool and down a small spiral slide. In this area most of the floor is covered in bouncy gym style mats to avoid any bumps or scrapes, and the blocks to clamber over are made of firm but bruise proof foam. Towards the back of this area are the two large inflatable slides, the kind that are usually found at fairgrounds, and from the laughter and squeals that rang out as another small person glided down it’s a total hit. If they still have energy after this, they can take a ride on the trikes and bikes that are available in the vehicles zone. There is even a tractor and trailer!

    For smaller kids you will find a toddler sized spiral slide, sensory peg board and a mini ball pool. Smaller kids also have their own zone. Here you will find blocks, shapes and bricks so you can build towers and structures and musical instruments to help them get creative.

    Kids of all ages will love Paper Town, where they can try their hand at a range of jobs and enjoy the play house. There is a fire engine with a Big Ben tower, ice-cream, pizza and sushi shop. You can even mail a letter at the post office or move some rubble at the construction site.

    Kidzooona by Molly Fantasy is a great half-day visit for children between the ages of 2 and 10, with plenty of fun activities in a clean, safe and friendly atmosphere.

    Kidzooona at Molly Fantasy

    • Opening Hours: daily from 10.00 – 21.00
    • BTS: Ekamai
    • Address: Gateway Ekkamai Mall, Sukhumvit Road
    • Tel: +66 (0)2 108265052
    • Price Range: Entrance: Children: 180 - 330 baht (parents 90 baht)
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