Jok Prince Restaurant

Best Porridge Shop in Bangkok

Jok Prince is very well known to both Thai and foreign residents of Bangkok for its porridge – congee, to some – a simple rice soup served here only with pork, so we had to go and try it. Getting near Jok Price is not very difficult as it is located opposite Robinson Bangrak, an old shopping mall notorious for creating permanent traffic jams next to Shangri La Hotel. But finding the place is a lot more challenging since there are no signs in English. It is a good idea to memorise the Thai characters in our photo… or you could print or even bookmark this page. With such a reputation you might expect to find at least some kind of restaurant, but Jok Prince is nothing more than two rows of cheap tables tucked in a rather unattractive and narrow covered alley between two shophouses that used to lead to an old movie theater called 'Prince'. At the entrance, a small iron counter is all they need to do their trade and despite this modest setting, the queue for take-away is long at meal hours, not to mention all the tables are fully occupied.
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Usually seeing all tables occupied and only a few people actually having a plate of food in front of them is not a good sign, it means that you will only be served when all those tables have been served before you, and in most restaurants the take away queue gets the food before the tables! But Jok Prince only serves few types of porridge: mince pork balls with or without offals, served with raw egg or century egg... and that's it. With this, they can manage extremely well a large amount of customers in no time.

Now you probably had plenty of good porridge before and wonder what can be so special about this one… and surprised you will be! Not only is the rice soup smooth and meat balls tasty, but the real secret ingredient is a faint but clearly perceptible smokey taste. It's that simple, just like the whole concept of porridge: a bowl of simple comfort food that tastes great and leaves you satisfied. Happiness for 45 baht… that's what Jok Prince is all about.

Jok Prince

  • Opening Hours: 6 am to noon and 4 pm to late at night
  • Location: Charoen Krung Road, opposite Robinson Shopping Mall and walk 200 meter
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