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    Thailand is blessed with loads of tropical fruits, flowers and herbs… so it’s not surprising many spa and beauty products are produced here, taking advantage of these natural gifts that are great for health - and smell great too. Some of the best around are made by Jevah, who produce quality spa products from organic, natural ingredients all at an affordable cost.

    The range of hand creams, body lotions, body scubs, massage oils, candles and aroma oils start from 290 baht, with sets available for under 1,000 baht – very affordable considering all the ingredients in these authentic Thai spa products are organic, and have been locally sourced. Items in the Jevah collection are exclusively available from select Boots across Thailand (

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  • Jevah’s philosophy is simple: even the most incredible holidays in life can be easily forgotten, but by using familiar aromas and ingredients that remind you of the trip, you can instantly be taken back to that special time.

    The collection of spa products from Jevah comprises three distinct aromas called Jasmine Spell, Beach Bum and Rose Embrace. Each unique fragrance has been crafted to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, and all the ingredients are locally sourced and carefully selected by expert alchemists. The products from Jevah come in the form of hand lotions, body scrubs, shower gel, massage oil, candles and aroma oils with room diffusers.

    The first of Jevah’s three collections we tried was ‘Jasmine Spell’, a scent that is synonymous with the Far East. The organic ingredients here include lotus, orchid and rice bran oil – a combination which has been designed to promote relaxation, aid sleep and reduce stress.

    The ‘Beach Bum’ collection of spa products from Jevah takes on a distinctly summery feel, and with the use of coconut oil, mango, guava and banana you really can’t help but imagine you’re sat on a tropical beach with the shore lapping at your feet. This one is our personal favourite, simply thanks to how it evokes that holiday feeling – so look out for the green label across the range of items!

    Finally, Jevah’s ‘Rose Embrace’ collection has more of a sophisticated feel to it, with the organic ingredients here evoking an air of romance, particularly great for couples wanting to use the massage oils or enjoy the refreshing aroma oils and room diffuser together. Ingredients in this collection include rose water, orange water, pomegranate and vanilla – a combination that works to nourish the skin, promote youthfulness through detoxification and relax the mind.

    What we really love is how each unique aroma is continued through the range of products, whether you’re in the shower, using the hand cream or enjoying the scented oils through a reed diffuser that refreshes your house with the light fragrance.

    Where to Find Jevah Products in Thailand

    Find Jevah’s exciting range of spa products at select Boots stores across Thailand. Prices for individual items are between 290 – 890 baht, whilst gift sets are ranged between 650 – 950 baht. For more information, see Jevah’s website at

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