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  • Jesada Technik Museum in Nakhorn Pathom

    Jesada Car Museum near Bangkok


    Jesada Car Museum, or 'Jesada Technik Museum', is a large private collection of vintage rare cars and motorbikes located in Nakorn Pathom, a small town full of surprises fifty kilometres away from Bangkok. The museum was created by a successful Thai businessman named Jesada Deshsakulrith. His passion for automobile history and heritage led him to collect more than 500 vehicles, most of which are in perfect condition. He only started this surprising collection in 1997 and it finally opened to the public in 2007.

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  • None of the cars here seem to be very expensive, there are no race cars, Rolls Royce or Jaguars; this is more a collection of cars driven in everyday life, although it is obvious that the passion of this man is unusual and fun vehicles. From the very beginning, Khun Jesada had a soft spot for tiny bubble cars from the fifties; when entering the museum you are greeted by a line of small Messerschmitt KR-200 and BMW Isettas (originally Italian) easily recognizable with their three wheels, egg shape and front access door. All are in such good condition it’s like entering the car shop that originally sold them... or a toyshop for grown up boys.

    The automobiles are parked next to each other with no signage or particular order apart from their type, age and origin; it looks more like a massive garage than a museum. Motorbikes and odd looking vespas are neatly aligned in one corner, next to a collection of strange looking three wheelers that were probably the ancestors of Bangkok’s Tuk Tuks: DKW Framo, Tempohanseat, Lambretta, Reliant, Solyto, Bajaj and Daihatsu.

    Under another roof you will find old bulky American models from the fifties, Nash, elongated Checkers and the iconic American yellow cabs stand guard next to a long line of antique Benz. You or your dad may even have driven some of the cars on display!

    Khun Jesada seem to enjoy French oldies, probably because some were so funny looking, like the legendary Citroen Traction, the old French 2CV, the notoriously ugly Mehari or the at the time futuristic Citroen ID 19 and DS 23. But for the big kid in us, the best encounter is still the DeLorean and its unmistakable metal polish, the star of 'Back to the Future'.

    The large majority of these cars and buses are in great condition, not only on the outside but also the interior. They are still in working order, sometimes making trips all the way to Bangkok for special events or exhibits.

    The museum also displays few buses including few London double deckers, planes and a couple of helicopters. Jesada Museum was even supposed to receive a rather large Russian submarine that sadly sunk on the sea trip from Russia to Thailand.

    The entrance of the museum is free and even though it might not be worth driving the fifty kilometres from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom just for this, it can be combined with a visit to the very famous Chedi, the surprising Museum of Human Imagery, the superb Sanam Chandra Palace and the Rose Garden.

    • Checkers 8 doors
    • Benz Collection
    • Checker Marathon 4 doors
    • Tempo Hanseat
    • London Double Decker
    • Messerschmitt KR-200
    • Citroen Pallas DS 23
    • Citroen 2 CV

    Jesada Technik Museum

    • Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm except Monday
    • Location: 100 Moo 2 Ngio Rai, Nakorn Chaisri, Nakorn Pathom 73120
    • Price Range: Free!
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