Go-Karting in Bangkok

Easy Kart at RCA Plaza

Rumbling along in a go-kart with your seat just inches from the floor is an exhilarating experience that can be enjoyed by everyone and in any weather at Easy Kart indoor race track. Easy Kart is the largest indoor go-karting track in Bangkok and is located on Royal City Avenue (RCA), a street that is more famous for its clubs and pubs than its all-day activities. Go-karting is an exciting and inclusive activity that can be enjoyed from 13:00 to 24:00 with a range of karts catering to different age groups and levels of experience.

There are three different karts available starting from a junior kart with a 100cc engine for children aged seven and over. The two larger engine sizes are 160cc and 270cc. Which one you choose depends on your experience and confidence as the 270cc has a top speed of 60km/h which is too beastly an engine for inexperienced or unwitting drivers. Prices are 450 baht, 550 baht and 850 baht, depending on which kart size you choose, and all races last eight minutes, which feels a lot longer when your concentration levels are set to maximum. Safety gear including a full-face helmet and racing overalls are mandatory and included in the price. Easy Karts Bangkok also offers multi-race tickets which offer discounted prices and are valid for three months.


The track is fairly technical with several sharp corners and a wide track to get drivers thinking about what line to take, as well as a long straight which tests the mettle of any Michael Schumacher wannabes. On weekends the track is fairly busy and it’s a lot of fun racing with other people, but on weekdays you might have the track to yourself so you can really focus on clocking the best time. The karts have two pedals – go and stop – so there’s no need to worry about changing gear which makes it easy even for novices, and owing to the smoothness of the track and kart tires, it’s easy to spin the kart around tight corners. It will do your lap time no favours but it is a lot of fun.

Go-karting is a friendly and fun activity but, for those with a competitive spirit, the setup at the Easy Kart track is designed to create a professional environment. Lap times are recorded electronically and displayed on an overhead screen, a print out of your lap times are also given to racers afterwards, and there’s a viewing deck above the long straight for cheering on your friends or family. It’s worth noting that the company provides driver training by a professional racing driver every Tuesday from 20:00 and it’s absolutely free (you still have to pay to race though).

Zipping around the track with the roof overhead, overtaking your friend on an outside line is a thrilling activity that kids and grown-ups can enjoy, and Easy Kart is the largest go-karting organisation in Thailand. Their Pattaya location offers the more attractive option of driving in the open air, but the Bangkok track is under cover making it the perfect activity whatever the weather and it’s also a more intense experience, with tighter turns and more opportunities for drifting. Other facilities include a chill-out area with sofas, a pool table and drinks available next to the reception area.

Go-Karting in Bangkok

Opening Hours: 13.00 – 24:00 (daily)
Address: Second floor of RCA Plaza, above Tops Supermarket close to the Petchaburi Road entrance to RCA.
Tel: +66 (0) 860280880
Price Range: 450 baht for 100cc kids kart, 550 baht for 160cc kart and 850 baht for 270cc
How to get there: Public transport: Both Petchaburi MRT Station and Rama 9 MRT Station are 10 minutes taxi or motorcycle ride away.

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