Daimasu Restaurant

A real Japanese Izakaya in the middle of Silom

Step inside Daimasu Izakaya and travel to Tokyo without having to leave Bangkok! This tiny Japanese restaurant just off Surawong Road, not far from Silom, is exactly what an Izakaya looks like in Japan. A warm and lively little place serving a large choice of grilled meats, fish and veggies along with salads, snacks and lots of drinks.


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If you are familiar with real Izakayas, the restaurant facade with large Kanji written signs and those typical paper lanterns is an invitation hard to resist. The ground floor is informal and fun with tables and seats made of empty bottle crates. Walls are decorated with old toys and posters of Japanese cartoon and TV characters from the sixties. One corner is a dining counter as well as an open kitchen, just the way Yakitori bars are in Japan and the whole place is simple and surprisingly welcoming. 

Upstairs, six small cozy cubicles can accommodate four guests each. This room layout is also very typical, the Japanese being masters at the art of utilizing space while respecting privacy.

But beyond the fun design, food and drinks remain the real purpose of going there and you won't be disappointed. The menu is vast, very well illustrated and explained in English, Japanese and Thai, so you can let your hungry eyes do the choosing for you. As a Yakiniku (grilled meat restaurant), the venue has a serious choice of beef and pork at affordable prices, but if you really want to treat yourself to something special, imported beef and black pig are recommended, but these of course come with a higher price tag.

For the non-carnivores, the choice of fish, seafood and veggies is no less impressive, and the menu goes on and on with a long list of salads and snacks that only a true Japanese food lover could identify. 

Try to order edamame, those popular boiled green peas, and you will be entering the 'How much edamame can you grab with one hand' contest! Knowing that the restaurant keeps a record and the all-time winner could grab a nifty half a kilo, give it your best shot but you'll be surprised how little an untrained hand can catch!

Once food orders are taken, a small clay barbecue will be brought to your table and placed below the ventilation pipe hanging down from the ceiling above the centre of your table. If you have been in a Yakiniku before, you already know that ventilation is the key to a great dinner... the food cooks fast and any smoke is flawlessly disposed of. 

Then move on to the drinks and try something fun... of course you can expect all the classics and even a good selection of sake, but where’s the most fun? Try one of the many Japanese mixes, they’re more interesting. The 'Highball' cocktails seem to be a house specialty... made of Suntory Whisky, soda water and some fruit syrup.

Overall, Daimasu is a fun experience, and more than just going for dinner. Food is great, varied and affordable. Staff members and chefs are friendly and efficient and best of all, the atmosphere is really representative of a no-frills Japanese Izakaya.


  • Opening Hours: Lunch: 11:30 - 14:00 - Dinner 18:00 - 23:00
  • Tel: +66 (0)2 634 1477
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