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  • Cookin' NANTA Bangkok Live Show

    Live theatre performance in Bangkok

    Cookin’ NANTA Bangkok is an energetic and engaging show that combines pulsating percussion rhythms with physical comedy and plenty of audience participation. The premise of the show is that three half-baked chefs are told to prepare a banquet feast in just one hour by their hardnosed manager, and to make matters worse his clumsy nephew has turned up and wants a job. The gang of kitchen staff then beat, tap and drum their way around the kitchen, chopping furiously and sending food flying all over the place. This is one of the only live shows in Bangkok that all the family can enjoy, and although the slapstick humour can get a little foolish at times, the majority of jokes are witty and roll in one on top of the other so you can be sure of a good laugh.

  • ‘Nanta’ is a Korean word to mean strike relentlessly, and throughout this non verbal theatrical performance, thrilling percussion music is created using everything from traditional Korean water drums to cooking utensils like pots, whisks and carving knives. The nonstop rhythmic percussion is complemented by the easy-to-grasp narrative of a hapless gang of chefs. It is a really well rehearsed, slick performance and in between the jokes there’s a love story and an action scene with kung fu spinning kicks. Part of the show requires the audience to don a chef’s hat and help out with the beats up on stage.

    Cookin NANTA is a South Korean production that has toured the world extensively. It has been watched by a reported nine million people worldwide and won awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and had a long run on Broadway. Still one of the most popular shows in Seoul, it now has a permanent base in Bangkok at RCA Plaza – close to the Petchaburi Road entrance of the famed RCA party street – with performances taking place every day (except Monday) at 20:00 with additional performances on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 17:30. Traffic to theatre can be a challenge so leave plenty of time if you are making your own way there. Fortunately, every taxi driver in Bangkok knows the name RCA. After watching Cookin’ NANTA, the phrase “don’t play with your food” will mean something else entirely.

    Cookin' Nanta Show

    • Opening Hours: : Tuesday to Sunday 20:00, with additional performances on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 17:30.
    • Address: RCA Plaza (next to Tops Supermarket), Royal City Avenue

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