Bo Lan Restaurant Bangkok

An Amazing Thai Restaurant in Sukhumvit

Recognised for many years as one of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok, Bo Lan is not your everyday local eatery. This is the kind of place to invite your discerning friends or when you want to impress visitors who think they have tried it all before. The name 'Bo.Lan' comes from the two chefs 'Bo' (Duangporn Songvisava) and 'Dylan Jones' who were both inspired and worked under the supervision of Michelin starred chef David Thompson at Nahm, London. With its understated luxury, this beautiful restaurant and its small garden hidden in a narrow street off Sukhumvit soi 26 perfectly deserves its reputation as one of 10 best restaurants in Bangkok.

With only two dining rooms of modest size and a garden terrace, Bo Lan is a fairly small venue so you should definitely book in advance - especially if you are more than two. Tucked into a small garden, down narrow street almost impossible to find, the restaurant is all wood, warm lights and very welcoming.

With recipes inspired by traditional Thai cooking, this is in no way a Thai fusion restaurant. If you prefer to be guided through your dining discovery, the set menus called 'Bo Lan Balance' are a great way to experience this rare Thai Cuisine. If like us you already know what the complicated names mean and have your appetite triggered by unusual dishes, then go a la carte. No need to say that prices are seriously on the high side with dishes starting at 450 baht for most, so Bo Lan is the kind of place saved for special occasions.

We were not shy when ordering as the best way to enjoy is to share everything when eating with friends in any Thai restaurant. Everyone orders whatever he likes best but every dish is passed around, no matter how sophisticated the place is. Simply said, we had a Grilled Pork Salad with Rambuttans (420 baht), Ayutthaya River Prawn Salad (790 Baht), Squid and Northern Sausages Salad with Pickeld Garlic (460 Baht) and a Northern Chicken Soup with Banana Blossoms (240 Baht). As main we had Stir Fried Bettered Prawns with Dry Chili and Basil (620 Baht), a Panang Curry of Beef Shank (650 Baht), and even more Beef and Fish Curry.

I spare you the long names as written on the menu or this page would be endless. For instance what I described as 'River Prawn Salad' reads like this on the board: 'Pla Gung Mae Nahm Ayutthaya Ros Jad Katri Insee' - Salad of grilled Ayutthaya River Prawns with spicy hot chili jam dressing and lemongrass... or try 'Lab Khua Kae Khao Yai Bab Nua Naem Pak Puen Baan' - Nothern style spicy lamb salad with local spices and greens...  

Sound complicated? It is! Dishes are elaborate both in presentation and taste. Each bite is a pleasant gustative experience with a mix of texture, flavour and spice level.

However full you are you just cannot leave without trying the Thai sweets: Pandanus noodles (220 baht), Caramelized Dumpling (440 Baht) and a lot more. With a bottle of wine, and imported beers (Dead Guy Ale and Boont Amber Ale) the total for 8 guests was 14,500 Baht or 1,800 baht per person. Not bad considering the overall satisfaction at the end of a copious and faultless dinner.


With such a well known background and so much press written about Bo Lan we really had high expectations about the dinner and it wasn't going to be easy to impress our experienced guests. At the end of meal, the mood was up and the consensus was clear: Bo Lan's reputation as one of the best Thai dining experiences in Bangkok is well deserved.

Bo Lan Restaurant

Opening Hours: 18:00 until late (Tues-Sun)
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 26 (next to Fourwings Hotel)
Tel: +66 (0)2 260 2962 (advanced reservation necessary)

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