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Bobble Football is a wacky new game that is popping up all over the world, and now Bangkok has its very own group. It is a fast and furious activity that combines the teamwork of football with the pushing and bashing of stock car racing.

Elsewhere in the world, this activity is known as zorb soccer, and one glance at the equipment will explain why. The bobble is a transparent inflatable ball, but instead of being completely encased in it as in zorbing, you jump into the middle of the ball and wear it on your top half.

There are other games to play besides football, such as Bobble Bulldog (a modern take on the classic playground game), Bobble Sumo, Bobble Tag, and Last Man Standing, which is like an intense 10 way sumo match. In a single session, a mixture of these games are played depending on the group preferences, and everything is coordinated by a professional and friendly team led by Bradley Martin.

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There are two ways to book a game of Bobble Football: a private session for up to 20 people costs 8,000 baht an hour, including 10 bobbles, 2 coordinators and the pitch fee. Alternatively, you can turn up at any 'open session' and join in a game for 500 baht per person. These are held regularly, but not yet to a strict timetable. If you want to play, its best to call or email using the contact details below. Alternatively, check out their website here:

Whichever game/s you play, it will involve plenty of bashing and rolling, bouncing and falling – but in complete safety. It must be unique as a contact sport which leaves no bruises and elicits nothing but laughter (and sweat). Some of the group were concerned about feeling constricted inside the zorb-like ball, but actually it feels quite natural once you have struggled into it. There are shoulder straps and handle bars so it fits comfortably and provides absolute protection.

The great thing about a session of 'Bobbling' is that girls and guys can all play together, and its open for almost any age group. There are even mini-bobbles for kids parties, although at the moment children's games are available as private sessions only. Bachelor parties also find a private session of Bobble Football to be a great way to give the groom a good send off without leaving him with any marks or loss of facial hair.

Run around like a headless chicken or roll around like an egg, you will do them both playing Bobble Football in Bangkok – fantastic fun and unlike anything you have tried before.


  • Location: any football pitch or sports facility in Bangkok, although popular spots include Arena 10 (Sukhumvit) and Polo Football Park (Ploenchit)
  • Address:
  • Tel: +66 (0)94 206 8360
  • Price Range: 500 baht per person for an open session; 8,000 baht for a private session
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