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Bangkok is full of surprises and our curiosity and passion for exploration means that we discover new places and revisit old ones every week. It's amazing how a street you thought you knew can reveal itself if you take more time to walk around and observe things a little closer. Bangkok is big, old and extreme in so many ways and there will always be more to see. Our team is passionate about photography and discovery and we all come back on Mondays with the most incredible shots. This page is a selection of short stories and fun photos; we hope you enjoy our little adventures and encounters as much as we do!

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Abandoned Jumbo Jet on a parking lot

When you think you have seen it all, Bangkok still manages to surprise you! This is what you see while driving by Bang Kapi in the suburbs of Bangkok. This 747 is used as a beer garden aptly called 'Runway'. How did it end up here is still a mystery.

Bangkok Street Art

Bangkok street art spotted just next to BTS Ratchatewi (not far from MBK)


This funny looking building is old and well know to resemble a gigantic elephant, nevertheless not many people take the time to come and have a closer look. It's really impressive. This building hosts a Best Western hotel, apartments, offices and convention centers. Many of the features use the elephant theme as decoraton: phone booths, counters and decorations on walls and in elevators. Located in Lad Paro area, near Chatuchak market. 

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Beware of T-Rex Crossing

Outside Bangkok on the way to Nakhon Pathom, we spotted this huge T-Rex desperately trying to cross the road. Apparently he has been trying unsuccessfully for the past 10 years.

Retrieve your stolen shoes, mobiles or remotes at the thieves market

It took me a while to find it and it's exactly as described... some new cheap stuff, mostly copies (watches, tools and lots of porm dvds), and tons of junk... mobiles from past century (sounds old doesn't it?), remote for TV's long gone and car radios with... cassette players! When was the last time you had a cassette in your hand? :D


If you really pay attention, this is what you can actually see from the main road on the way to Nakhorn Pathom... a gigantic dragon coiled round a 17-storeys red building! This is Wat Samphran, a temple rich in decorations, statues of animals and more dragons. A bit eerie...

Burn some money from the Paradise Bank!

Are these the world worst fake credit cards? No, these are paper money and credit cards Chinese families burn during Chinese new year o send to their ancestors. So many items can be found in specialized shops near Chinatown, but you can even find these in luxury shopping malls! iPhones, piles of banknotes, Blackberky (yes that how it's spelled) and guess what you can even burn big gold bullions!

The Art of Sleeping Anywhere

Doesn't it look nice and easy? Do try this at home! But you might consider placing few mats around the bike, just in case... In my many years exploring Thailand I have always be amazed by the ability of many Thai people to sleep in the most unlikely places... Well, when you've got to sleep, you've go to sleep! In Chinatown.


Here is a treat I often saw selling in markets or in the street but never tried before. Ice cream in a hot-dog bun never appeared to be an apetizing combination, but it's actually not bad. Pick the ice cream flavour and add the filling: sticky rice and 'look chid', some kind of palm tree jelly. It's not a gourmet dessert but it's fun and only costs 10 to 20 baht.

The Ferris Wheel is Back!

The Ferris wheel that once was the highlight of the old Bangkok Night Bazaar is now back at Asiatique the Riverfront shopping complex. Actually this is a new one, it measures 60 m and riding it costs 200 baht.

Most Expensive Toilets in Thailand!

Supposedly these are the most expensive toilets in Thailand with fancy design and lastest sensors technology. It didn't look as fun as the toilets at Terminal 21 and you can ask yourself why pour 14 million Baht in this single room but leave the rest of the old airport untouched....


A very unlikely encounter in the very heart of Chinatown! Three giant crocodiles kept in a small pond inside Wat Chakrawatrachawat Woramahawihan, a rundown temple in the soi parallel to the famous and crowded Yaowarat road. According to a local monk, these crocodiles ate young monks in the past... we didn't check how true this was, but each of these three animals is about 3 meters long!

  • Location: Wat Chakrawatrachawat Woramahawihan, Chinatown
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In the many days spent criss-crossing the city, nothing thrills me more than discovering an abandonned or hidden steam train... So far I discovered a dozen large machines, from totally rusted wrecks to superb trains perfect condition, occasionally used for movies and special events. Some are easy to find such as the one at Rod Fai Park near Chatuchak, some are well hidden and some others, at Makkasan Station, require special authorization to approach... unless you know another way :)


Here is a large fruit you don't see often in Thailand... it is called Fak Khao and is very seasonal and localized. Apparently it's the same species as cucumber or bitter cucumber with lots of lycopene and tastes like papaya. You can eat with Num Prick or boiled with coconut milk.. I found these at the  Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market just few kilometres outside Bangkok. They were making an orange color juice out of it but to my shame, I didn't think of trying it! 

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