9 Crazy Ideas for a Bangkok Bachelor Party

A guide to organising your last night of freedom in Bangkok

Bangkok is a very popular setting for a bachelor party thanks to the amount of crazy nightlife antics available and the variety of activities to enjoy. Whether you envisage a night of hitting the best clubs and swankiest bars, chilling out with a fine cigar and single malt or getting a glimpse of Bangkok’s darker side, we have listed all the most popular places and activities below. Of course, this usually involves booze…lots of booze! We have also given you some pointers on where to stay and how to get around this frantic city.

Asking a tour company to arrange your party for you is certainly an option, but it is also possible to do it all yourself and save your cash for splurging on your very own One Night in Bangkok. Start planning your (or your friend’s) last night of freedom with these top tips for an unforgettable stag, bucks or bachelor party in Bangkok. Your exact itinerary will obviously depend on your interests and length of trip, but here are the most common ideas that we have seen or experienced in Bangkok.

By the way, if you are looking for some cheap fancy dress, try the top floor of Platinum Fashion Mall on Petchburi Road. Just saying.

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This one is limited to weekends but, if your gathering happens on a Saturday, there is a high chance that a rooftop pool party will be taking place somewhere in the city. The location might change but the concept is the same: slip on your best beachwear and get down to cool house and EDM tracks. Be sure to buy drinks by the bottle and ask for a prominent table as close to the pool or DJ booth as possible. No stag wants to be sat at the back! Read More...

For the uninitiated, Soi Cowboy is a 100-metre pedestrianised strip of go-go bars, strip clubs and drinking holes that is lit up in garish neon every night of the week. Most of the bars stick to the tried-and-tested principle of rows of seating surrounding a central stage on which 10 (or more) dancers move to house and EDM tunes. Its inclusion in a bachelor party night out is obvious. Start at either end of the strip and work your way down, stopping at whichever place catches your eye. Read More...


Wake Yourselves Up at an Ice Bar

Yes, you read that correctly – a bar made of ice! There are a couple of bars like this in Bangkok, set up inside what is basically a walk-in freezer. Temperatures can drop below -5 degrees so, even if you’re lagging behind and ready for bed, this should give you the boost you’re looking for.

You can find a couple of ice bars in Sukhumvit. The most convenient is Thaitanium Ice Bar on Soi 22, between Asoke and Phrom Phong BTS stations.


Ring the Bell at a Beer Bar

Beer bars are the name of a certain type of boozer in Bangkok. It’s a cheap and cheerful type of place, usually with cheap drinks and ageing ladies behind the bar who will try flirt with the customers and play bar games such as Connect 4. These types of bars can be found in Sukhumvit, principally around Nana and Asoke, also in Silom around Patpong. If you are looking for some harmless banter with the locals, these are great places to have a few cold beers. Ring the bell above the bar, which means you are willing to buy all the girls a drink and you will have some instant fans for the rest of your time in the bar.

Gentleman’s clubs are, at first glance, like very fancy versions of go-go bars. There are girls on stage dancing between live music sets and any girl is happy to come and sit with you at your table and the table service is professional.

Some gentleman’s clubs in Bangkok are more suitable than others for foreigners due to the language barrier, but we suggest The Pimp, its sister club, Pimp’s Sister in Ratchada, or Vegas on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Read More...

A bunch of lads out on tour are going to want to hit a club at some point and, if you are going to do it, do it right! That means taking a table with a top shelf bottle (some clubs may require more than one bottle minimum spend) so you can have a full view of the DJ, dancefloor and everyone on it. The club depends on your style, but we would suggest Ce La Vi in Sathorn for its sophisticated vibe and impressive booths overlooking the dancefloor, Onyx for its Asian-style EDM madness or Levels for western R’n’B and party pop that gets the girls wiggling on the dancefloor. If you want a good table, be sure to call ahead. Read More...


Have a Peek into an S&M Bar

What to do if you’re getting to the end of the night and you feel the bachelor hasn’t been subjected to enough memorable ‘punishment’. In Bangkok the answer is easy: take him to an S&M bar. There are two bars offering this service, both owned by the same team: Bar Bar in Silom and Demonias in Sukhumvit.


Getting Around

As this is a bachelor party, you might think it is ‘baller’ to rent a stretch limo – but its not! Bangkok traffic is infamous and a vehicle that big will only add to your journey times. Instead, we would recommend hiring a luxury minivan if you want to add a bit of style to your journeys. Otherwise just use taxis or download Uber or GrabTaxi and let modern technology solve the problem for you.

Where to stay can have a huge impact on the success of your Bangkok bachelor party. You need a hotel that is conveniently placed close to the nightlife hotspots, don’t mind a little bit of banter with some cheeky (but hopefully respectful) guys and still offers all the usual amenities that makes for a great stay. We’ve done the research for you and come up with this list. Read More...

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