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  • 5 Restaurants in Siam Square Bangkok

    Where to eat in Siam Square

    Located just across the mega malls of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and MBK, Siam Square is the young heart of Bangkok, where teens shop for local designers and affordable fashion. The place is buzzing all week long and becomes really crowded on weekend with an incredible variety of tiny boutiques and the Indy market selling a surprisingly large range of very creative clothing and accessories. Strangely, there are not many restaurants in Siam Square if you exclude the classic and rather uninteresting franchises. Many travellers choose to cross the road and eat at Siam Paragon, but if you like shop like a local, it is a lot more fun to also eat like a local! So here are five places we eat at when we are in Siam Square.

  • Ban Khun Mae is a great place to visit if you are trying famous Thai dishes for the first time as the chef flavours dishes to suit stereotypical Western tastes and nothing is overpowered with spice. Tom yum kung, chicken with cashew nuts, som tam, and spring rolls are all firm favourites here and are popular with tourists but also with a few locals – always an encouraging sign. However, there are also a couple of fairly rare, interesting Thai dishes on the menu that you would struggle to find elsewhere, such as steamed seafood curry paste served inside a young coconut husk which has a soft texture and delicate flavour; a good choice for adventurous foodies. Read More...

    • Location: 458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Rd, Patumwan
    • Telephone: (+662)250-1952-3
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    Som Tam Nua on Siam Square Soi 5 is a casual and trendy dining spot that has risen to fame serving up tasty, foreigner-friendly papaya salad and other Issan-region dishes. Hidden deep down on one of the alleyways leading away from Siam BTS station, the search for Som Tam Nua is a fun prelude to a tasty meal, and, at times, the queues of locals trailing out the door testify to its reputation. Located in Siam Square, the main fashion hub of the city, there are a whole range of fashion stalls and interesting shops surrounding the restaurant Read More...

    • Open: 10:45 a.m.-21.30 p.m.
    • Location: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok
    • Telephone: +66 (0) 22 51 4880
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    Doo Dee Siam Restaurant
    Doo Dee restaurant

    If you stop at Doo Dee Siam for the first time and think this is a restaurant for teens, you would be right. This is the place for a proper local experience, a simple place where young groups come and eat at great prices. Located just behind the old classic Lido Cinema on the second floor of a rather run down shopping gallery, this colorful restaurant serves a lot of Vietnamese and Thai dishes including classic Phad Thai, Som Tum and fried rice, but the most interesting is their variety of spicy noodle soups. If you have a craving for hot stuff, the well illustrated menu comes with something unusual: each dish is 'Spice Rated', from 0.5 which is what you would call 'pretty spicy' to a level 3 which is what locals would call 'seriously spicy'. Broth is dark and has an intense flavour, using more lime juice than average, creating the signature taste of Doo Dee Siam restaurant. Doo Dee Siam is a fun place in the back of a cinema but might not be for everyone, it's fun to go and do as the locals do.

    If you are not daring, you can always pick one of the many franchise restaurants located at the front of Siam Square, just opposite Siam Paragon, but where would the adventure be?

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    Rot Dee Det Restaurant
    Rot dee det restaurant in Siam Square Bangkok

    Rod Dee Det is not a fancy restaurant with nice cutlery and air con... it’s is a neighbourhood joint, somewhere locals and those who know would describe as the best spot in Siam Square for a bowl or two of excellent noodle soups, usually beef with the usual choice of thin, medium or large flat rice noodles. The soup itself is so dark and rich that when walking around the shop you can already smell its delicious flavour metres away. A bowl costs between 40 to 60 baht but servings are not that big so you might want to order two bowls right from the start if you feel hungry. Rod Dee Det also serves chicken stew with rice (khao-nah-kai) and a Chinese style stew with rice (sa-tu-nuea). At lunch time the place is always full but the waiting time is not long, staff are very efficient and you'll be back to shopping in no time.

    • Open: Lunch and dinner
    • Location: 420-420/1 Siam Square Soi 7
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    Siam Square Food Court
    Siam Square Food Court

    Siam Square Food Courts are rather well hidden if you are not familiar with the intricate maze of lanes in this area. The smallest of them is located below the now famous Scala Cinema, quite close to MBK shopping mall, and the biggest it at the exact opposite end of Siam Square. The concept of food courts is simple and extremely popular in Thailand and South East Asia, but totally unknown in western countries. A long line of tiny stalls serve a wide array of Thai precooked food that would be endless to list here. You just walk along until you spot something you like and just order a plate of it, often mixing more than one dish on the same plate. Pick up fork, knife or chopsticks and whatever condiment you need, then walk to any available table. Plates usually cost around 40 baht. It's a bit like a self service but instead of being run by one single shop, each stall is independent. Once done with your meal, just leave everything on the table and walk away. It's not shiny and doesn't look very appealing by our standards, but it's fast, cheap and usually quite good, a fun way to taste real Thai life!

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