5 Floating Markets Around Bangkok

Which One is Best?

Almost every traveller has a visit to a floating market in mind on his first trip to Bangkok. Some will succeed, but the large majority will be discouraged by the distance, the price of the tour and definitely the ludicrously early wake up time... who wants to get up at 5 a.m. while on holiday? But why even bother waking up so early when there are actually more than five floating markets around Bangkok open all day, including a small but very nice one just 12 km from Siam Paragon? You can be there before lunch without having to sacrifice your sleep!

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Damnoen Saduak has been Thailand's best known floating market for a very long time but it is also the most touristy one...

What We Loved:
It's huge, lively, full of boats selling food and fruits, and it's colourful - exactly how people imagine a floating market will look like - with the opportunity to capture the perfect photo to show off once back home.

What We Didn't:
It's not 'real' anymore as most of the transactions are tourist-oriented and buyers are almost exclusively tourists. It's far (100 km, or more than an hour's drive outside Bangkok) and therefore requires a very early morning wake up, around 5:00. In addition, lots of tourists always attract a lot of scammers so better book in advance to avoid serious overpricing once there. It happens everyday. Read More...

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Amphawa, the second most popular market in Thailand, is located 90 km south west of Bangkok.

What We Loved:
It's cute and fun, very authentic with many little wooden houses neatly lined up along the canal, selling souvenirs and of course a lot of snacks and sweets. You also don't have to get there early so you can arrive around 9:00 and still beat the crowd. Tip: don't miss the amazing little temple swallowed by a giant tree located across the river.

What We Didn't:
It's far, about 90 km, and it gets incredibly crowded! Past midday it feels like half the population of Bangkok has moved to Amphawa! To avoid that, make it a morning trip, have an early seafood lunch on the river banks and get a little longtail boat cruise when rest of the herd just starts eating! Read More...

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The third most visited market very near Bangkok is Taling Chan, probably our favourite as it has just the right amount of everything.

What We Loved:
Located only 12 km from downtown Bangkok, Taling Chan is open all day and has just enough boats to be called a floating market, plus a large local market attached to it. There are small longtail boat cruises to take you around the nearby klongs and get a relaxing glimpse of the surrounding khlongs.

What We Didn't:
It doesn't have the old-world charm of Amphawa's wooden houses and could do with more boats. Read More...

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Khlong Lat Mayom is another floating market of medium size located really close to Bangkok.

What We Loved:
It's a really local market and you might be one of the very few foreigners around. The main market itself is on solid ground but is very interesting and a chance to sample all kinds of fun sweets and fruits. As it's located just near Taling Chan Floating Market, it is better to combine both markets on the same morning.

What We Didn't:
It's a bit small to be called a floating market, maybe ten boats at most, and there are no little longtail boat cruises to explore around. Read More...

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Bang Nam Pheung floating market is the smallest of all active markets but also one of the closest if you are staying in the eastern part of Bangkok. But closest doesn't mean most accessible and a taxi might be the only way to get there, just make sure you have the directions in Thai provided in the next page.

What We Loved:
Bang Nam Pheung is close to Bangkok, about 20km,  and despite it's modest size the market has a very interesting choice of food to sample and a lovely location in 'The Lung of Bangkok': a relatively untouched sanctuary of nature protected by a curve in the river. The market surrounding the canal is very attractive, while walking around in the shade of trees and through the mangrove is very unique.

What We Didn't:
With only six boats it's barely a floating market, and there are no cruises available. Getting there is challenging as even taxis (the only way to travel there) might not know the way.  Read More...

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