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  • 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

    Bangkok's Best Dance Clubs

    Bangkok's nightlife is legendary and for good reason. The city is buzzing seven nights a week, with both world mega-clubs and underground haunts standing side by side, attracting revelers from every corner of the planet. You can find every niche musical movement in Bangkok – from the new wave of EDM flooding the city, to classic hip hop beats and even drum ’n’ bass. It’s this sheer choice, along with fun-loving crowds and the classic easygoing Thai charm that makes Bangkok the premier clubbing destination in Asia, and one of the most boisterous party cities in the world.

    We've selected these 10 best clubs in Bangkok to give you an idea of what the city's diverse nighlife scene is all about. You can also click through on each club to see it up in detail, including photo galleries and all the other information you need; we've personally visited them all - so no secondhand information here!

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    Music: house/hip hop/party pop (depending on the night)
    Crowd: Expats, tourists and internationalised Thais

    Ce La Vi (Formerly Ku De Ta) was one of the most high profile openings Bangkok has seen in years, creating a buzz right across the city, and with a new name and a fresh start they are still top of the tree for a fun and fancy night out in Bangkok. The club lounge section of Ce La Vi is a sophisticated space with rooftop views from the 39th floor of the massive Sathorn One Building. Music changes according to the night but expect hip hop anthems on Wednesdays (ladies night), deep house on Thursdays, and a mixture of commercial party pop, R'n'B and EDM hits on Fridays, with a more bass heavy tracklist on Saturdays. Dress to impress for this one. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 20:00 – 02:00
    • Location: 39th and 40th floors, Sathorn Square Complex, 98 North Sathorn Road
    • BTS: Chong Nonsi exit 4
    • Tel: +66 (0) 2108 2000
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    Onyx Location: RCA

    Music: EDM
    Crowd: Mostly dressed up locals and a few foreign EDM-heads

    Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has slowly been pushing local bands out of the frame when it comes to partying in Bangkok, and RCA’s popular Onyx is the shining example. This 2,000 capacity club has slowly become a Mecca for Bangkok’s bass-heads, with CO2 cannons, confetti drops and awesome laser shows. Onyx is the biggest single party space in Bangkok, with a huge dancefloor and plenty of standing tables and stools. Some European-inspired touches are evident, such as the impressively-high ceiling and a cool LED screen behind the main DJ booth. Entrance is normally 400-500 baht for foreigners, which includes a few drinks vouchers.  Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 21:00-late
    • Location: Royal City Avenue (RCA), Block A, close to the Rama 9 Road entrance.
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    Sing Sing Theater Location: Sukhumvit

    Music: Vocal House on weekends/hip-hop on sundays 
    Crowd: Sophisticated mix of trend-setters and expats

    Sing Sing Theater is a fantastical bar-cum-club with the most creative interior design concept in Bangkok. Paying homage to far Eastern aesthetics, you can expect intricate wrought iron patterns, hundreds of lanterns hanging from the ceiling and plenty of dragon imagery to go with the ‘Muses’ (elegant girls dressed in Chinese Qipao). The music at Sing Sing Theater covers a lot of ground, and is far more ambitious than most clubs in the capital. A definite highlight of Sing Sing is the elaborate entertainment providing a treat for the eyes. It's truly unique in Bangkok and promises fun and sophistication in just the right amounts.  Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 20:00-02:00
    • Location: Sukhumvit Soi 45
    • BTS: Phrom Phong
    • Tel: +66 (0) 9 7285 6888
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    Levels Club & Lounge Location: Sukhumvit

    Music: R&B / House
    Crowd: A mixed bag of tourists and Thais

    A relative newcomer to the party scene in Bangkok, but – like all the cool kids – it arrived fashionably late and now everyone wants to get in for a look. With a rooftop lounge and two club rooms, Levels covers a lot of musical ground: funky beats on the terrace, R&B hits in the plush main room, and house and techno in the cavernous box in the rear. Thanks to free entry and a proactive PR team, Levels attracts a decent gathering of clubbers most nights of the week, with special events on Wednesday and Friday, usually based around a theme including lots of bikini clad-models. This club is definitely catering for western tastes, with minimal seating and a vibe conducive for mixing and mingling while checking out the different areas. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 21:00 – 03:00
    • Location: Sukhumvit Soi 11
    • Price Range: Free entry
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    Route 66 Location: RCA

    Music: Hip Hop / Trance / Live Band
    Crowd: Young, Thai and dressed to impress

    If young, Thai and sexy is your thing then you should definitely get down to RCA and check out Route 66. RCA (Royal City Avenue) is a designated party street with bars and clubs lining the street on both sides – and this is the pick of the lot. There are three rooms built side by side playing live music, hip hop and trance, although it’s the hip hop main area that gets all the attention. Route 66 is definitely Thai-style clubbing, which means most people turn up, purchase a bottle of whisky and find their base for the night. All the best areas are reserved for this and anyone sipping on beers will find the majority of their night is spent lurking around trying to find a place to stand. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 20:00 – 02:00
    • Location: RCA
    • Price Range: Free for Thai Citizens, foreigners 400 baht
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    Live RCA Location: RCA

    Crowd: All depends on the night!
    Music: House and EDM - depends on event

    Live RCA is one of the latest additions to Bangkok’s biggest party street – Royal City Avenue. Joining the long-standing Route 66 and Onyx further up, Live RCA club puts the emphasis more on the live dance music; this means international DJs, an impressive sound and LED light system, and, most importantly – a huge dance floor that gets packed out during their special events.  Read More...

    • Opening Hours: Fri/Sat 20:00-02:00
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    Demo Location: Thong Lor

    Music: Hard House / Techno
    Crowd: Moneyed Thais, ranging from students to young professionals, going wild with daddy’s credit card

    Situated right in the middle of Bangkok’s high society row on Thong Lor Street, Demo (and its sister Funky Villa) packs crowds in from Wednesday to Sunday with a chic, abandoned-factory setting, pumping house and techno and free entry. The crowd of affluent Thais and a smattering of in-the-know foreigners are more discernable with their musical tastes and choice of drinks here, with cutting edge tunes and cocktail menu several pages long. The setting itself is worth checking out – graffiti all over the bare brick walls, shutters in place of doors, and a large outdoor area linking the club with the more mainstream Funky Villa next door.

    I.D. is an absolute must at Demo – even if you’re old enough to remember the 70s disco scene, the door staff are still going to ask you. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 20:00 – 02:00
    • Location: Thong Lor Soi 10
    • Price Range: Weekdays free entry; Weekends 500 baht (redeemed in drinks vouchers)
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    Insanity Location: Sukhumvit

    Music: EDM/hip hop/house
    Crowd: Tourists (mostly the guys) and Thais (mostly the girls) 

    Insanity is enjoying a new lease of life after a recent revamp and rebrand, which included a sound and lighting upgrade, as well as the promise of an exciting new lineup of local and international DJs. Music is firmly dance (EDM, house and hip hop) – no Thai bands here! The whole place is surprisingly big, with plenty of room to dance, sit and drink or just gawp at the sexy dancers on the elevated podiums. Another plus here is the location, situated right on Sukhumvit Road, just a short stumble away from the famous Nana and Soi Cowboy. Entrance is 300 baht but that does get you one free drink or you can club together with four friends to get a top-shelf bottle. This is also one of the last clubs to close in Bangkok – good news for all you night-crawlers out there. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 21:00-late
    • BTS: Asok/Nana
    • Address: : Sukhumvit Soi 12
    • Tel: +66 (0) 2653 2923
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    Grease Nightclub Location: Sukhumvit

    Music: Dubstep/D'n'B/House 
    Crowd: Mix of Thai and foreign guests, some to lounge in the rooftop shisha bar, others to party the night away in the club

    Comprising four unique floors, Grease Nightclub in Bangkok is an all inclusive venue that offers something for everyone – from hardcore clubbers to rooftop stargazers. Specifically the club has a restaurant, dance venue, live music bar and a tree-lined rooftop lounge. Grease Nightclub is located on Sukhumvit Soi 49, in the Piman 49 Complex (a high end collection of shops and restaurants) opposite Samitivej Hospital. The nearest BTS station is Thong Lor but a taxi or motorbike is needed from there. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 20:00 - Late
    • Location: 46/12-13 Sukhumvit Soi 49
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    GLOW Location: Sukhumvit (Asok)

    Music: Deep house/techno/drum & bass
    Crowd: Young expats and a few in-the-know Thais and tourists

    Despite its diminutive size (capacity is only a few hundred people) Glow has quickly risen as one of the go-to places for underground dance music in Bangkok. In fact, ever since the closure of underground institutes like Club Culture and Café de Moc, Glow has more or less take the reigns as the only club of its type in the city. There’s two levels to the venue, but all the action happens downstairs on the compact dance floor. It’s so tight, the hardcore ravers at the front practically have to dance over the DJ’s CDJs in the booth, which has previously welcomed big names such as Goldie & Fabio, Felix Moreno and Dubway. Entrance depends on the night, but expect your 200-500 baht fee to get you some free drinks thrown in too.   Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 22:00-03:00
    • BTS: Asok
    • Address: Sukhumvit 23
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