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  • 10 Important Things To Consider When Booking a Hotel in Bangkok

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    Booking a hotel can be a stressful and time-consuming activity which starts with a fun sense of anticipation but ends up taking hours of your time – and you still don’t know if you made the right choice. Sound familiar? We are here to help!

    We have compiled this list of important points to consider when booking a hotel in Bangkok by combining our local knowledge of the city with our years of making mistakes when booking hotels around the world. Some of these insider tips can be used when booking a hotel in any country in the world while others are more specific to our home city.

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    An obvious one but with good reason, the location of your hotel in a city as congested as Bangkok is of vital importance. For hopping around the city, choose a hotel located as close to the BTS Skytrain as possible as this gives you direct access to many interesting places around Sukhumvit and Silom no matter what the traffic is like.

    It’s also important to check what is in the immediate vicinity of the hotel as convenience stores, cafes and restaurants nearby are preferable for obvious reasons. It’s a good idea to check out the hotel address on Google Maps and use the Street View function to see the neighbourhood for yourself. Read More...


    This should become part of the hotel booking process no matter where you are travelling to. When you have decided on the area, type or even a shortlist of hotels you are interested in, use genuine customer reviews to see what other travellers think about each hotel because, trust us, photographs can often give distorted views of reality – particularly in properties ranked three stars or below. Read More...


    Many Online Travel Agents offer great deals to secure loyal customers which can have a huge impact on the cost of a hotel in Bangkok. Among the best deals are found on which offers exclusive Hotel Rewards, which gives you a night absolutely free for every 10 that you book. Rewards can be saved up over time too, so you don’t have to book it all in one go. Read More...

    Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

    How big is the actual room I booked? Is it really non-smoking or did you just remove the ashtray? Do you provide travel adaptors in the room? Even when booking through an online travel agent, you can ask any questions you might have by using the comment field on the booking page, and with free cancellations – you can always cancel if the answer is not to your liking.


    For a taste of something different, boutique hotels in Bangkok come in ever more elaborate styles and can be found right across the city. Whether you’re interested in traditional Thai ambience complete with teak floors in the Old City or modern loft living in the heart of downtown, you can find a boutique hotel to fit your needs in Bangkok. Read More...

    What’s included?

    Does the cost you paid for your room include breakfast? Unlimited free Wi-Fi? How about airport pickup? Make sure you check carefully what you do and don’t get as you may have to pay later which could inconvenience you or even end up costing you more.


    Even on a budget, don’t discount luxury hotels in Bangkok as they are often only slightly more expensive than lesser hotels. Competition has really pushed the price of hotels down and you may well bag a stunning five-star hotel for around $100 if you do your homework. Read More...

    Low Season Prices Dip Even More

    As if Bangkok wasn’t already cheap, in low season (June-October) hotel rates drop even more so visitors can bag some truly amazing deals. Obviously, storm clouds rolling over the horizon is not ideal for sightseeing but if you’re here for shopping, partying or learning a new skill like cooking, massage or Thai boxing then an afternoon storm shouldn’t have much impact on your stay.


    Many shopping malls in Bangkok have hotels connected to them, and they are very popular for shoppers and families. The reasons are many: plentiful dining options, a cool, safe environment, and not far to walk back to your room when your arms are full of bags.

    Families with toddlers take note, Bangkok’s streets are no place for pushchairs or strollers (unless they come with all terrain wheels or, better yet, tank tracks). Uneven paving stones, reckless drivers, street stalls and beggars – even short walks can induce sensory overload for the more sensitive souls among us. If you are travelling with the family, try to stay at a hotel that is connected to a shopping mall. Read More...


    Bangkok is a renowned party city and some hotels are in on the action too, hosting weekend pool parties. For some, this is just another reason to book but if you are looking for a relaxing break, the sight of hundreds of revellers dancing about around the pool can be an unwanted extra. Do your homework to avoid surprises. Read More...

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