One Night in Bangkok: The Bucket List

10 Crazy Things to Do at Night in Bangkok

This One Night in Bangkok guide presents the ultimate itinerary for your first ever jet-lag, alcohol-fuelled night-out in the craziest city in the world. We’re not talking about exploring majestic temples or bargain hunting at night markets, oh no. This list of 10 night time activities is far less family-friendly.

From whizzing around the Old City in the back of a three-wheeled tuk-tuk, to sipping infamous Thai whiskey buckets on the backpacking Mecca of Khao San Road, this one night in Bangkok guide will leave you with lasting memories and a sore head in the morning (at the very least).

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You may as well get it out of your system early on. Everybody knows Bangkok is famous for its ladyboys, and going to see a show is the perfect way to satisfy that burning curiosity inside. If you only have one night in Bangkok, head to the popular Calypso Cabaret to see some of the most beautiful and talented ‘katoeys’ in town, who dance, sign, mime and parade around a stage for 90 fun-filled minutes. For the more intrepid nocturnal explorers, here are 5 naughty ladyboy bars. Read More...

Branded ‘Chang’ vest: check. Flip-flops: check. Wallet full of mysterious monopoly-looking money: check. You’re suited and booted to hit the most famous backpacking strip in the world, Khao San Road, and there is no better way of starting off a raucous night out than ordering yourself Thailand’s most famous cocktail: the whiskey bucket. Around 300 baht gets you a neon bucket full of (usually) Sangsom whiskey, M150 energy drink and coke. The street-side bars such as Khao San Central and Golf Bar are hot, fun and cheap, whilst The Club is the best place rave the night away. Read More...

The iconic tuk-tuk really is the only way to get around town if you’re an unashamed tourist, and is a definite must-do at night in Bangkok. Sure, the BTS Skytrain is faster and taxis are cheaper, but whizzing round the city streets in these three-wheeled rickshaws is as fun as it is scary. Tuk-tuks technically seat three people, although the hilarity of the journey directly correlates with the amount of extra passengers you manage to squeeze in. Read More...

Everybody knows that lining your stomach is important before a night out on the town, and what better way to do so than with a bag of deep fried insects. Although more of a tourist gimmick - rather than being a true reflection of traditional Thai cuisine - you can easily find these creepy crawly vendors at Khao San Road, Patpong Market and Nana Plaza. Popular choices include bamboo worms, cockroaches, grasshoppers, red ants, and our personal favourite, deep fried scorpion (tastes just like chicken!). Read More...

With only one night in Bangkok, ending up in one of the city’s go-go bars is almost an unavoidable inevitability. Make it a more memorable experience by ‘ringing the bell’, which buys all the girls in the bar a drink. You’ll probably have to depart with one or two thousand baht, but you’ll be the most popular guy (or girl) in the place for a good thirty minutes. Head to Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana or follow the link to our Top 5 Go Go Bars. Read More...

The city’s rooftop bar scene has been booming for years, with big-hitters like Vertigo and Lebua (as seen in the Hangover movie) both favourite for first-time visitors. Whilst these two venues are worthwhile stop offs, they can be a bit pricey if you order a few rounds. Thankfully, there are scores of other high-rise bars with tasty cocktails and impressive city views offering slightly more sensible prices. Hit up at least 5 in one night to win our imaginary King of the Bangkok Rooftops crown. Read More...

Get a tattoo

Make your one night in Bangkok an unforgettable experience – quite literally – by getting inked up with a permanent reminder of your adventures. Classic Bangkok tattoos include Angelina Jolie’s not-so-original Buddhist inscriptions, a cute gecko on your ankle, or even some Thai language such as ‘mai pen rai’ (note the irony of the meaning, ‘don’t worry’, when you wake up the next day). Read More...

This Sukhumvit Soi 11 spot has earned legendary status amongst Bangkok’s substantial expat community with their ludicrously low prices (Chang from 60 baht, shots 70 baht) and rather rustic decor. Describing the seating options as sparse would be being overly-generous, and most people have to stand up in the enclosed area. It all sounds like a complete dive bar, and it is, but with cheap drinks and a famously friendly clientele, Cheap Charlie’s makes our one night in Bangkok itinerary. Read More...

Most massage parlours in Bangkok offer air-conditioned havens, with soothing Thai music and aromas to lull you into a blissful state of half-consciousness. Then there are ones on the street, sitting next to passing crowds, noisy bars and busy restaurants. Most of these outdoor venues specialise in foot and leg massage, meaning that there is less of the fuss involved compared to having to go inside and get changed. Find the best on Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri, with 1 hour sessions at around 250 baht. Read More...

Onyx Club

Most clubs in Bangkok close relatively early, but if you start your night early enough, the 2am kicking-out time will seem much later. Most of them can be found around Sukhumvit Road, such as Levels (Sukumvit 11) and Funky Villa/Demo (Thong Lor 10) as well as a massive strip of clubs at RCA, such as Route 66 and Onyx. Those looking to keep the party going until later can try their luck at Mixx Nightclub (basement of Intercontinental Hotel) which sometimes stays open until 4am, depending on the mood of the local authorities. Read More...

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