Pak Nam Pran (Pranburi Estuary)

Pranburi Attractions

Pak Nam Pran or Pranburi Estuary covers the area from Pranburi Forest Park to Pranburi Beach. Where Pranburi River flows into the Gulf of Thailand, the area is home to a lush mangrove forest, a small fishing community and a handful of luxury spa resorts with stunning designs and sweeping ocean views.

About 30 minute’s drive from Hua Hin, Pak Nam Pran is blessed with picturesque scenery. Rows of swaying casuarina trees line the endless miles of white sandy beach stretching towards the south. Just north of it, a verdant mangrove forest extends from the Pranburi River and merges with Pranburi Forest Park.

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Pak Nam Pran Highlights

The Pranburi River winds through a small fishing village, fruit orchards and beautiful countryside. Boats are available for hire, and will take you up the river to explore the locals’ way of life. At the fishing village, there’s a market where you can buy fresh seafood, sundried shrimps, squids and seafood-based condiments.

Pranburi Forest Park, close to the fishing village, offers a pleasant escape. Take a stroll on a 1km long wooden boardwalk that crisscrosses through a dense mangrove forest and section of the Pranburi River. Emerge at the eastern end of the forest and find the casuarina-fringed beach stretching as far as your eyes can see.

Sunrise Coast – Pranburi Beach

Add highlight South of Pak Nam Pran, the quiet two-lane beach road leads to some of the finest spa resorts in the country. Set on the beach, overlooking ocean vistas, these resorts offer a range of luxurious experiences from Mediterranean-themed villas (Aleenta) and eco-friendly pool villas (Six Senses) to Moroccan-style villas (Villa Maroc), tropical modern resort (La a natu) and Scandinavian minimalist vacation homes (Le Bayburi).

For those who want to find a secluded beach this is, for the most, nearly always deserted and is also a great place to spot dolphins. Affectionately called the ‘Sunrise Coast’ if you are in the Pak Nam Pran area during the early hours you will certainly see why.

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