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Beach Vendors


A ‘quick fix’ to quench your thirst or fill that gap between meals is well taken care of by beach vendors found on popular beaches. Snack-type meals typically consist of fresh fruit (sliced up in bite-sized pieces), deep-fried squid and shrimp, as well as other small delicacies. There are also some vendors who sell handicrafts, and ones you can rent beach chairs and parasols from. The vendors are cheerful and friendly, and seldom cause an irritation.

Facilities on Pranburi Beach


Public facilities like restrooms and showers do not exist at any of Pranburi’s beaches. However, if you’re on the main beach there are restrooms close by at restaurants in the town or of course at resorts – the latter intended for the exclusive use of guests.

What to Eat


Other than light snacks you can buy from beach vendors, your choices are limited to the restaurants of resorts and a few small Thai-style eateries that set up shop in some open areas along the beach. There are some fantastic seafood restaurants that can be found too, but these are not necessarily within walking distance from the beach. Heading to the village on foot from the beach is also not an option. Unless you plan to enjoy lunch at your hotel, a good idea might be to pop into the new supermarket in town to buy picnic eats and goodies.

Water Sports and Beach Activities


Pranburi’s beautiful and serene beaches are not only perfect for soaking in the sun and enjoying the scenery, but there’s also lots to do when you get bored – if not at the beach, certainly close by. Popular water sports and activities include canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, speed boats trips, jet skis, banana boats, beach volleyball and football.

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