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Hua Hin Attractions

  • Kaeng Krachan National Park

    Hua Hin Attractions


    Just two hours’ drive from Bangkok, Kaeng Krachan is one of Thailand’s most bountiful and ecologically diverse national parks. The park’s 2,915sqm forest area consists of pristine rainforests, granite mountain ranges, waterfalls, caves and a reservoir lake, offering plenty of trekking and bird-watching opportunities. The park features many wild as well as endangered animals, including black-and-yellow broadbills, barking deer, tapirs, Asian elephants, tigers, wild dogs and Asiatic leopards.

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    Due to abundant year-round rainfall, Kaeng Krachan’s forest covers are blessed with several waterfalls, rivers and streams. Pa La-U Waterfall, one of the most well-known in the park, has 15 levels and flows along a creek stretching out to the Burmese border. Most visitors stop at the third level, where a large, deep pool invites a dip or swim. From this level on, the path becomes rough and steep. Those who are not physically fit may not be able to continue.

    Other waterfalls require hours of trekking in deep, steep forests, and some are overnight trips. You can set up a camp along the way at provided campgrounds. To complete the Thorthip- Tharnthip-Hinlad waterfall loop, you need three to four days of trekking.

    Besides waterfall trekking, you can hire a boat, canoe or kayak and sightsee inside Kaeng Krachan reservoir. Panoen Thung Moutain, Kaeng Krachan’s second highest peak at 1,207 metres above sea level, is a scenic camping site but requires about five to six hours of trekking along the six-kilometre hard trail.

    Tips and Good to Know

    • You need to obtain a permit and a guide from the park’s headquarters before trekking into the forests.
    • Trekking during the rainy season is not recommended.
    • Certain areas of the park (mainly Ban Krang and Panoen Thung) are closed between August and October every year to allow for forest regeneration.
    • Like all national parks, admission fee is collected at the entrance.
    • There are bungalows for rent and also several camping grounds. Contact the park’s headquarters for reservation.

    Kaeng Krachan National Park

    • Location: About 115 kilometres from Bangkok, along Highway 4
    • Tel: +66 (0)32 46 7 326, +66 (0)32 459 293, +66 (0)86 166 2991
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