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With nearly 200 hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and guesthouses to choose from, finding where to stay in Hua Hin, Cha Am and Pranburi is not a problem. They are all listed here and sorted by starting price in ascending orders, starting from budget (1 star) to deluxe (5 stars) range. Along with the starting price, you will find the hotel’s name, star rating (self-rated) and location. To book, click on the name and it will take you to the hotel’s page where you can book your room online.

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Baan Da-Laar Boutique Hua-Hin   Hua Hin 21.66 USD
  Baan Nilawan Hotel HuaHin   Hua Hin 20.46 USD
  Chaba Chalet   Hua Hin 20.47 USD
  Chaba Place   Hua Hin 19.39 USD
  Mod Guesthouse   Hua Hin 14.28 USD
  Royal Express Huahin by Compass Hospitality   Hua Hin 24.07 USD
  Suchaya House   Hua Hin 16.25 USD
  Veerawan Hotel at Hua Hin   Hua Hin 26.47 USD
  Zea Za Bungalow   Khao Takiab 38.51 USD
  White Monkey Guest House   Petchaburi 255 THB
  Prachuap Garden View Resort   Kuiburi 637 THB
  Suda Resort Khao Tao   Khao Takiab 765 THB
  Baan Da-Laar Boutique Pranburi   Pranburi 850 THB
  Sakulwilai Hotel   Hua Hin 1020 THB
  Na Na Chart Beach Villas   Bangsaphan 3499 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ali Baba Resort   Pranburi 21.66 USD
  Away Beach Village Resort Pranburi   Pranburi 61.37 USD
  Baan Bayan an Exclusive Beach Hotel   Hua Hin 86.73 USD
  Baan Duangkaew Resort   Khao Takiab 64.98 USD
  Baan Fern Talay   Cha-Am 84.23 USD
  Baan Grood Arcadia Resort & Spa   Bangsaphan 28.64 USD
  Baan Kang Mung Bed & Breakfast   Khao Takiab 42.12 USD
  Baan Klang Hua Hin   Hua Hin 32.14 USD
  Baan Manthana Hotel   Hua Hin 31.29 USD
  Baan Rajdamnern Hua Hin   Hua Hin 37.54 USD
  Baan San Dao Service Apartment   Hua Hin 160.46 USD
  Baan Talay Chine   Hua Hin  
  Baan Talay Dao Resort   Khao Takiab 72.20 USD
  Baan Talay Samran   Cha-Am 68.99 USD
  Bacchus Home Resort   Pranburi 29.76 USD
  Bann Pantai Resort   Cha-Am 55.06 USD
  Beach Garden Hotel Hua Hin - Cha-am   Cha-Am 45.51 USD
  Blue Wave Hotel Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 28.88 USD
  Cha-Am Paisiri Hotel   Cha-Am 20.46 USD
  Chalelarn Hotel Hua Hin   Hua Hin 45.73 USD
  Chom View Hotel   Khao Takiab 42.83 USD
  Citin Loft Huahin by Compass Hospitality   Hua Hin 27.07 USD
  De Pastel Hotel   Hua Hin 40.07 USD
  Dolphin Bay Resort   Pranburi 40.67 USD
  Eurasia Cha-am Lagoon   Cha-Am 21.37 USD
  Evergreen Boutique Hotel   Hua Hin 86.64 USD
  First Choice Suites   Hua Hin 22.74 USD
  Fisherman Resort   Petchaburi 64.98 USD
  Foresta Boutique Resort & Hotel Hua Hin Pranburi   Pranburi 30.80 USD
  Franjipani Resort   Khao Takiab 27.68 USD
  GHouse   Hua Hin 21.06 USD
  Glory Place Hua Hin   Hua Hin 24.04 USD
  Golden Beach Cha-Am Hotel   Cha-Am 26.34 USD
  Golden Pine Beach Resort & Spa   Pranburi 38.50 USD
  Hin Nam Sai Suay   Hua Hin 30.32 USD
  Hua Hin Avenue   Hua Hin 28.88 USD
  Hua Hin Goodview Hotel   Hua Hin 31.28 USD
  Hua Hin Paradise Guest House   Hua Hin 19.25 USD
  Hua Hin Wellness Resort   Hua Hin 44.27 USD
  Hua Hin White Sand Hotel   Hua Hin 36.82 USD
  Ibis Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 34.42 USD
  Imperial Hua Hin Beach Resort   Hua Hin 54.39 USD
  Imperial Lake View   Cha-Am 38.48 USD
  Istyle Hua Hin   Hua Hin 23.83 USD
  Kabantamor Resort Huahin   Hua Hin 43.32 USD
  Koh Talu Island Resort   Bangsaphan 147.49 USD
  Kuiburi Hotel & Resort   Kuiburi 40.91 USD
  la a natu bed & bakery   Pranburi 96.02 USD
  Lawana Escape Beach Resort   Pranburi 38.51 USD
  Long Beach Cha-Am   Cha-Am 42.96 USD
  Manathai Hua Hin   Hua Hin 40.67 USD
  My Way Hua Hin Music Hotel   Hua Hin 28.88 USD
  Na Na Chart Ban Krut Resort   Bangsaphan 28.78 USD
  Nantra huahin hotel   Hua Hin 21.06 USD
  Napalai Resort & Spa   Khao Takiab 23.83 USD
  Narawan Hotel Hua Hin   Hua Hin 20.22 USD
  Nern Chalet Beachfront Hotel   Khao Takiab 68.59 USD
  Nicha Hua Hin Hotel   Hua Hin 24.07 USD
  PASO Resort Cha Am   Cha-Am 28.88 USD
  Piman Plearnwan Hotel   Hua Hin 45.73 USD
  Pranburi Cabana Resort   Pranburi 29.00 USD
  RedZ Resort   Petchaburi 67.38 USD
  Regent Chalet Regent Beach Cha-Am   Cha-Am 49.34 USD
  Riad Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 48.11 USD
  Rich Boutique Hotel   Cha-Am 33.69 USD
  Rocky Point Resort   Tubsakae 38.51 USD
  Sahwan Boutique Resort   Hua Hin 27.07 USD
  Seahorse Resort Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 31.77 USD
  Season Palace Hua Hin   Cha-Am 17.22 USD
  Smile Hua Hin Resort   Hua Hin 38.51 USD
  Srisawat Resort   Cha-Am 18.05 USD
  Supatra HuaHin Resort   Khao Takiab 43.32 USD
  The Bihai Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 50.52 USD
  The Herbs By The Sea   Hua Hin 72.20 USD
  The Serenity Hua Hin   Hua Hin 41.51 USD
  Thipurai Beach Hotel   Hua Hin 25.99 USD
  Veranda Lodge Hua Hin   Hua Hin 69.79 USD
  Wannara Hotel Hua Hin   Hua Hin 37.53 USD
  Zea Za Garden   Hua Hin 25.85 USD
  Zea Za Villa   Khao Takiab 210.13 USD
  Hua Hin Markwin Lodge   Hua Hin 637 THB
  Baan Phing Phu Praew Resort At Cha Am   Cha-Am 680 THB
  Thipurai City Hotel   Hua Hin 1020 THB
  Koram Resort   Pranburi 1096 THB
  Terra Selisa - Dolphin Beach   Pranburi 1351 THB
  Rabiang Rua Beach Resort   Petchaburi 1444 THB
  Thai bamboo Guesthouse Resort   Cha-Am 1444 THB
  Baan Klang Aow Beach Resort   Bangsaphan 1599 THB
  Baan Sea Talay   Petchaburi 1614 THB
  Kang Mung Family House   Khao Takiab 1699 THB
  The Cha-Am Methavalai   Cha-Am 1799 THB
  Peony Hua Hin Hotel   Hua Hin 1900 THB
  The Sea Condominium Pranburi   Pranburi 1954 THB
  The Herbs Hua Hin   Hua Hin 2082 THB
  Capstone Resort   Petchaburi 2294 THB
  Baan Hansa Service Apartment   Cha-Am 2549 THB
  Hansa Sea Side Serviced Apartments   Cha-Am 2799 THB
  Ruankasalong Hua Hin Holiday House   Hua Hin 2974 THB
  Baan Rao Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 3499 THB
  Pineapple Hills Resort   Pranburi 4000 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Amari Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 53.23 USD
  Anantasila Villa   Khao Takiab 85.68 USD
  Anchana Resort and Spa   Pranburi 37.70 USD
  Asia Cha-am Hotel   Cha-Am 36.80 USD
  Away Hua Hin-Pranburi Boutique Bed and Breakfast   Pranburi 77.73 USD
  Ayrest Hua Hin Hotel   Hua Hin 36.10 USD
  Baan Kieng Nam Hua Hin   Hua Hin 77.01 USD
  Baan Laksasubha Resort Hua Hin   Hua Hin 81.23 USD
  Baan Nilrath Hotel   Hua Hin 41.27 USD
  Baan San Suk Condo   Khao Takiab 180.50 USD
  Cera Resort Cha Am   Cha-Am 43.32 USD
  D Varee Diva Kiang Haad Beach Hua Hin   Hua Hin 34.66 USD
  Dune Hua Hin   Hua Hin 86.88 USD
  Escape Hua Hin Hotel   Hua Hin 56.61 USD
  G Hua Hin Resort & Mall   Hua Hin 57.16 USD
  Haven Resort Hua Hin   Hua Hin 96.27 USD
  i Tara Resort & Spa   Petchaburi 52.95 USD
  My Resort Condo Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 111.85 USD
  Mykonos Condo   Hua Hin 84.23 USD
  NishaVille   Tubsakae 89.17 USD
  Pattawia Resort & Spa   Pranburi 36.10 USD
  Praseban Resort   Pranburi 101.23 USD
  Purimuntra Resort & Spa   Pranburi 73.40 USD
  Raya Resort Cha-Am   Cha-Am 92.66 USD
  Royal Pavilion Hua Hin   Hua Hin 31.04 USD
  Sunshine Pool Villa   Pranburi 59.95 USD
  Tara Mantra Cha-Am   Cha-Am 54.14 USD
  The Lapa Hua Hin Hotel   Hua Hin 53.04 USD
  The Regent Cha Am Beach Resort Hua Hin - Cha Am   Cha-Am 55.53 USD
  The Rock Hua Hin Boutique Beach Resort   Khao Takiab 86.25 USD
  The Sea Cret Garden Hua Hin   Hua Hin 101.54 USD
  The Sea Cret Hua Hin   Hua Hin 67.39 USD
  Vartika Resovilla Kuiburi   Kuiburi 66.62 USD
  X2 Kui Buri   Kuiburi 120.33 USD
  Keeree Waree Seaside Villa & Spa   Bangsaphan 1529 THB
  The Privacy Beach Resort and Spa   Pranburi 1614 THB
  Hansar Casuarina Cha Am   Petchaburi 2039 THB
  Vartika Adventure Retreatic Resort   Kuiburi 2421 THB
  My Resort Family Condo at Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 4333 THB
  Hua Hin Blue Lagoon 2 Bedroom Suites   Cha-Am 5098 THB
  Blue Lagoon Resort Hua Hin   Cha-Am 5947 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa   Hua Hin 122.36 USD
  Asara Villa & Suite   Hua Hin 125.05 USD
  Black Lotus Resort   Hua Hin 67.00 USD
  Devasom Hua Hin Resort   Hua Hin 125.44 USD
  Dhevan Dara Beach Villa - Kui Buri   Kuiburi 70.71 USD
  Dhevan Dara Resort and Spa   Hua Hin 70.19 USD
  Dusit Thani Hua Hin   Cha-Am 81.32 USD
  Evason Hua Hin   Pranburi 82.78 USD
  Grand Pacific Sovereign Resort & Spa   Cha-Am 49.32 USD
  Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa   Hua Hin 119.82 USD
  Hotel de la Paix Cha Am Beach managed by Accor   Cha-Am 56.62 USD
  Hyatt Regency Hua Hin   Hua Hin 131.42 USD
  InterContinental Hua Hin Resort   Hua Hin 149.28 USD
  Lets Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort   Khao Takiab 141.61 USD
  Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin   Hua Hin 109.74 USD
  Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas   Pranburi 190.12 USD
  Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa   Cha-Am 84.98 USD
  V Villas Hua Hin Managed by Accor   Hua Hin 428.29 USD
  Veranda Resort and Spa Hua Hin Cha Am   Cha-Am 108.29 USD
  Villa Maroc Resort Pranburi   Pranburi 164.26 USD
  Wora Bura Resort & Spa Hua Hin   Khao Takiab 88.57 USD
  YaiYa Hua Hin   Cha-Am 74.00 USD
  Mystery Hotel Hua Hin - Cha Am - 5 Star Relaxing in a resort with contemporary Thai Style   Cha-Am 1698 THB
  Mystery Hotel Hua Hin - Cha Am - 5 star ideally location with panoramic sea view   Hua Hin 2803 THB

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