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Hotels in Kuiburi are centred around a small fishing town about half an hour south of Hua Hin. A long stretch of fine white-sand beach, lush plantations, forested mountains and complete serenity best sum up the setting. Most hotels and resorts are set on the beach and offer a small number of rooms. The atmosphere is luxurious, private and peaceful, with not much going on besides chilling out by the pool, the picturesque beachfront, or your own tastefully decked out room.

That said, there is an ever-growing number of beachside restaurants serving up fresh seafood and staying open late for drinks. Many of these Kuiburi hotels can also arrange tours or transfers to the nearby seaside town of Hua Hin. There, you can find a much livelier scene, with plenty of bars and cafes catering for the throngs of tourists who visit all year round. Explore our Kuiburi hotels section below and find all the latest rates on Asia Web Direct. 

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All Hotels in Kuiburi

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