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A breakdown of Cha-Am Beach

Thanks to its long and peaceful coastline on the Gulf of Thailand, hotels and resorts are thinly spread out to make for a clutter-free area that’s never over-crowded, and most have direct beach access. The beach is clean and the water is clear, void of the busy activities that are often found on Thailand’s popular beaches. Even so, some activities are offered to make the beach here a fun experience for those who seek a little bit more than just a deck chair and umbrella for the day (these are either provided by the hotels or can be rented from vendors at some popular spots).

From pony rides on the beach and thrilling banana boat rides for the kids (and grown-ups!) to waterskiing, windsurfing and parasailing for adventure-seeking beach lovers, Cha-Am’s long beach offers something for everyone. If it’s a peaceful spot you’re after to bury your nose in a book, or a traditional Thai massage under a parasol, you’re easily covered too. It’s a great place to take a long stroll too – or for a jog – especially at sunrise or late in the afternoon when it’s cooler. All along the beach are patches of trees fringing it (not palms), and a humorous aspect of Cha-Am is that these are the spots where you’ll find Thai visitors, while tourists seek out open areas to bronze up. A beach holiday wouldn’t be complete after all without a tan to show off when arriving back home.

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Facilities on Cha-Am Beach

Don’t expect any facilities like washrooms, showers or mooring for boats on Cha-Am’s beach. Other than renting deckchairs and beach umbrellas from vendors at some popular areas, beach facilities that do exist are provided by resorts and exclusively for the use of guests.

Beach Vendors

Beach vendors can be either a nuisance or a blessing. In Cha-Am, the latter applies. There aren’t many, and you won’t get harassed as often as it happens on popular beaches elsewhere in Thailand. From fruit, Thai-style snacks like deep-fried shrimp and crab, to cold refreshments, ice-cream, beach gear and some handicrafts perhaps, these vendors are friendly locals who go about their business in a polite and discreet fashion, and won’t bother you at all unless you show an interest in their merchandise.

What to Eat

Other than light snacks you can buy from beach vendors, your choices are limited to the restaurants of resorts and a few small Thai-style eateries that set up shop in some open areas along the beach. There are some fantastic seafood restaurants that can be found too, but these are not necessarily within walking distance from the beach. Heading to the village on foot from the beach is also not an option. Unless you plan to enjoy lunch at your hotel, a good idea might be to pop into the new supermarket in town to buy picnic eats and goodies.

Water Sports and Beach Activities

Cha-Am perfectly balances beach activities and water sports without compromising the serenity of its peaceful beach. If you’re looking for a fun activity, you’ll find plenty to do: water-skiing, jet skis, sailing, windsurfing, and parasailing are all popular, or how about a game of frisbee or beach volleyball? For kids there are pony rides and banana boat rides, and many resorts also offer activity programs. The seabed at Cha-Am is mostly sandy (no coral reefs), but diving enthusiasts can head over to our Tours section for other options nearby.

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