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The right gear is key if you want to play to your full potential; make sure to select wisely. Golf is a hard enough game; don't make it harder on yourself by using the wrong components. To decrease your scores, choosing golf clubs that suit your physique and your swing type is vital. Failure to do so will limit your playing ability and could definitely increase your scores.

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Custom fit your own 'golf clubs'

your personal specifications, you're using the wrong equipment and your game will suffer. If your clubs are simply too short or too long for your height and arm length, your swing needs to compensate and it will be off from the very beginning. All golf clubs are invented equal; they're made for the average golfer, of average height, with average swing speeds. However, very few golfers are average anything. To utilize a golf club's fullest potential, your club should be custom-fit to your specifications. These days, 'off-the-shelf' golf clubs are made to standard specifications; length, lie angle, grip, swing speed - all configured to the average golfer with average specifications. But who's average anyway?

Every golfer's body and swing are unique to that individual; height, arm length, hand size and swing speed all determine how golf clubs should be designed and fitted. There are many ways to custom build your golf clubs. If you have never had a custom golf club fitting before, asking the experts or getting some advice from the Pro shops is advisable. But if you have previously been fitted with custom golf clubs and know your measurements and the type of club(s) you want, you can order it as you want.

All about golf balls

Are you using the right balls? The first golf ball was basically a leather bag stuffed with feathers. Later, its design became more solid. However, it was not widely accepted by the public since it was thought to have difficult control and have hard feeling at impact. Nowadays, balls are pretty sophisticated and hi-tech, designed to suit a particular golfer's needs - and as a result goes farther, rolls longer, and doesn't lose its round or cover.

There are two types of balls:

1. Two-Piece is the ball with 'dual construction', made of a high-restitution outer cover (that generates excellent distance), surrounded by a large solid inner core. This enables the energy at impact to be transferred efficiently to the ball in flight. New two-piece technology has been introduced which has allowed for a 'softer feel', resulting in greater control while still allowing for enhanced distance.

2. Multi-Layer is the ball with typically three or four layers in which the core is wrapped in one or two layers. It is manufactured with the flexible combination of materials, hardness, and specific gravity that all enhance performance. This technology has allowed for more forgiveness in mis-hits.

There are two types of covers:

1. Urethane cover is usually on a two-piece ball. Urethane is an extremely durable substance allowing it to withstand nicks and cuts that might normally inhibit its flight.

2. Surlyn cover is typically softer and offers greater feel and control over the ball from the golfer's perspective. Surlyn covers are usually found on multi-layer balls.


Technology is what causes such a drastic price discrepancy between various types of golf balls. No matter what the price, the decision remains yours.

Check out your golf bags

Apart from the touring staff bags, there are many alternatives to facilitate your game in the greens.

Cart bags are smaller than the touring staff bags; lightweight and not expensive, compared to the staff bags. Cart bags offer plenty of room to carry extra equipment without all the bulk and weight. Some manufacturers offer cart bags specifically designed for men and some are designed for women. Bags for women tend to be a bit shorter and weigh a bit less.

In terms of size and features, stand bags are similar to cart bags. As you can tell from its name, these bags have a built-in stand with pop-out legs. Several bags on the market now weigh in at less than four pounds. Other features include a dual-strap carrying system, the flexibility to be used on any cart, or bags for left-handed people.

The stand bag has come a long way and, in turn, it has brought the golf bag a long way. Previously one had to buy a staff bag or oversized cart bag to get enough room for storage, club division, and protection. But with the modernization of the stand bag it has given the golfer freedom in multiple aspects.

The stand bags allow golfers to enjoy walking rather than be confined to a cart, which means greater exercise. The stand bag has been specifically designed with the walker in mind, offering ample storage and club protection. Stand bags have become extremely lightweight and durable for the golfer's comfort. A more modern feature is the dual strap for backpack carrying and easier club toting over long distances.

Pick your golf carts

There are so many variations and options of the carts from which you can choose; it's almost like picking out a car. There are pull carts, push carts, combination carts, and even individual motorized carts. Either way, they are all designed with the walker in mind - which in turn promotes a healthier lifestyle and a healthier golfer, by avoiding the riding cart and moving around.

These days, the golf cart is a nice way to enjoy a round, but with the ease and luxury of a pull cart you can enjoy golf at your own pace. The latest designs on the market are:

1. Lighter in weight
2. Easier to assemble and disassemble
3. Able to position the bag for easier club access
4. Able to offer more maneuverability than previous designs

All About Golf Tees

Establishing the correct tee height on the drive is very important. The proper height is completely dependent on the height of the driver being used. The top of the driver face should be at the same height as a point on the ball approximately two thirds of the ball's height. This allows the sweet spot of the driver to connect with the center of the ball while keeping the bottom of the driver off the ground, maintaining top swing speed through the shot, and most importantly, at the moment of impact.

Then just stand back and watch your ball (hopefully) soar after a smooth, fluid stroke.

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