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  • Top 10 Gay Experiences in Bangkok

    Bangkok Gay Nightlife

    Touted as a Southeast Asia’s gay hub, Bangkok boasts some of the best – be it great bars and clubs, saunas or inventive go-go boy shows – when it comes to catering to the rainbow crowd. Prepare to be blown away by a variety of fun and decadent delights tailored to all the kings, queens and everything in between in this ‘City of Angels’.


    You haven’t been to gay Bangkok if you haven’t been to DJ Station... Nestled at the far end of the cramped cul-de-sac of Silom Soi 2, this three-level club kicks off each night with a series of lip-syncing divas before things get hard and heavy as sweaty topless boys take to the stage. Indulge in cheap drinks and an excellent music selection – guaranteed to make even the most reluctant dancing queen shake her groove. Read More...

    Coming neck to neck with DJ Station is Babylon. Not only does this fabulous men’s complex feature wet and dry saunas, it also houses a dark maze, well-equipped gym, pool, restaurant, private cabins and hotel rooms. A firm favourite among local and international visitors, Babylon has something for everyone (provided you’re not too picky). Whatever rocks your boat, lose the garb and get lost (or found) in this ancient city, where its exclusively male inhabitants are perpetually ready, willing and able. Read More...

    Even the most avant-garde club in Bangkok couldn’t resist. Put on your Sunday’s best and head to Bed Supperclub, the latest known victim to have succumbed to the fabulous power of pink, throws what can be described as Bangkok’s first GLBT night every Sunday. Satisfying all the gays, the curious and their admirers with the sound of delicious disco and funky house well into the wee hours. Read More...

    Leave your inhibitions at home before entering this ‘twilight zone’. Known locally as Soi Pratuchai, this street off Suriwong Road (behind Silom Road) is strewn with several establishments specialising in many variations (and interpretations) of ‘sexy shows’ and go-go dancing. Depending on what tickles your fancy, fight off the hassling and have a look around before settling down as each place caters to a different fantasy. Read More...

    One of the city’s long-established gay nightlife spots, Silom Soi 4 is known for its small concentration of chic restaurants, bars, karaoke as well as award-winning pubs like Telephone and Balcony Bar. The overall atmosphere here is jovial and friendly. And if you enjoy dramatic diva impersonations or random fashion shows, stick around for the lip-syncing staged nightly right in the middle of the street.  Read More...

    Khamphaeng Phet Road, behind Chatuchak Weekend Market is where the local boys let it all hang out. Some of the most popular places include Mogue, ICY and ICK. The mood is unmistakably Thai, with loud local music and a lot of university students. The good news for the ‘rice queens’ is that it’s not as competitive as Silom as you’re likely to be the only foreigner there. The bad news, however, is that the cute guy you’re after might not be a keen ‘potato queen’. Read More...

    California WOW Silom - Sukhumvit - Siam

    With its several branches permeating the city’s prime locations like Silom, Sukhumvit and Siam, this muscle-pumping franchise is mushrooming faster than one can say “wow”. Unwittingly doubling as a meat market, California WOW, along with its sweat-inducing facilities like sauna, steam room, hot yoga room and locker room, has inevitably become a flesh utopia and popular cruise spot. 

    Possibly the pinnacle of Bangkok’s sanctuary for size queens, Tawan Go-Go Bar is famed far and wide for its extensive selection of sinewy hosts who will entertain muscle worshippers both on and off stage. Packed almost every night, this bar stages regular shows as well as ‘special shows’. Drink prices are steep but worth every baht considering there’s no admission fee. Read More...

    Tense and sore from the night before? Aching for some kneading attention? There’s no better way to cure stiff muscles than a sedate session of traditional Thai massage – especially when offered by handsome gentlemen! Adonis Massage, one of Bangkok’s best massage parlours, is famed for its impressive range of masseurs (available in all shapes and sizes), a variety of treatments and massage rooms with private showers. Read More...

    Combining lounge, gym, sauna and a restaurant under one roof, Chakran Sauna is most recognised for its exquisite décor that exudes a sophisticated Mediterranean mood. Snug in Soi Ari 4, Phaholyothin 7 (Art BTS Skytrain), away from the prying eyes, Chakran is a place to get groped, grabbed and then some. Special daily events and activities include fumbling in a dark room, fondling in a private chamber and frolicking by the ultra sexy pool – take your pick! Read More...

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