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Historic Bangrak Food Tour

The culinary delights on offer in Bangkok are a major part of anyone’s trip to the capital, but once you have tired of Pad Thai and conquered Tomy Yum Kung, finding the best local food can be challenging. Why not combine a gastronomic adventure with an exploration of one of Bangkok’s oldest neighborhoods and some off-the-beaten-track discovery?

In three hours as part of the Historic Bangrak Food Tasting and Culture Tour you will explore Bangrak district, crisscrossing the riverside by ferry, and stopping frequently to try eight regional Thai dishes – some of which you’ve never heard of, and others you certainly won’t forget. There are amazing local sights waiting to be discovered and genuinely pleasant restaurant owners waiting to welcome you with local Thai hospitality.

Chinatown Night Foodie Walk

Chinatown is Bangkok’s most vibrant food heaven and every night Yaowarat Street that runs through the district is filled with stalls serving Thai-Chinese delicacies. Some of these modest looking restaurants serve food good enough to draw customers from all over this giant city and supply some of the most renowned fine-dining restaurants.

A trip through Chinatown appeals to all your senses but it can be difficult to discover the true gems it has to offer when surrounded by such a hive of activity. With the Chinatown Night Foodie Walk and Culture Tour you will get to eat at the best of the best restaurants as well meet the local personalities, visit ornate temples and other places of interest that only locals know.

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