How You Can Help Poor Children of Thailand

CCF - Community Children’s Fund - You Too Can Help!

It might come as a shock as you sit on your lounger overlooking turquoise seas or ride an elephant through verdant rainforests, but 10 percent of Thailand’s population live below the poverty line. In many regions opportunities are limited and many families live meal to meal in a cycle of poverty that is hard to break. Establishing their operation in Thailand in 1957, Community Children’s Fund (or CCF) works with marginalised communities to improve healthcare, education for disadvantaged children and support families who wish to become self-sufficient.

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The Situation

Most of the rural community still work in agriculture, despite the difficulties associated with farming, such as unpredictable weather and poor soil conditions. The work is arduous, starting before sunrise at 4am and not returning home until after dark. Wages are often irregular, making it hard to support their children financially, let alone worry about their well-being. Without CCF, many of these children miss out - not only on the opportunities that would enable them to achieve their potential - but also on such simple needs as a daily breakfast.

What you can do to help

It really doesn’t take much to make a huge difference to the children’s lives. There are many different ways to help:

  • You can sponsor a child for as little as 500 baht a month
  • The charity also welcomes one-off payments for essential items that families and communities need.
  • ‘Children’s Breakfast’ Campaign
  • Providing education

Few Examples of Things your Money Will Help Buying

Organic Fertilizer – 400 Baht
Improves soil quality and grows the children vegetable. Also reduce to growing costs for their garden

Mosquito Net – 300 Baht
Malaria and Dengue fever can be prevented simply with the mosquito net to keep the children safe from mosqutoes

First Aid and Basic Medicine Kit – 300 Baht
A necessary kit that is often overlooked. Medicated plaster, bandage, cotton, scissor, sanitizer, medicine treating fever, diarrhea and necessary first aid kit can help save lives of children in rural areas far away from hospitals.

Warm Clothes & Blanket – 500 Baht
Blanket and warm clothes are a real necessity for children during the cold time

Water Filter – 15,000 Baht
Impurities and germs in water can cause illness to children. Clean water keep them safe

Water Tank (1,000 Litre) and Water Pump (150 watt) for school – 14,000 Baht
A real necessity for places facing draught/lack of water often

Our Visit to the CCF Project in Udon Thani - What we saw and did

Na Song is a small village near the northern city of Udon Thani, an hour or so from the Laos border. This peaceful green province hides a sad truth. As grey clouds rumbled overhead, Khun -- shows us around the village and introduces us to the families who live there. Brought in by CCF, Khun -- communicates directly with parents and teachers liaising with the regional hub to ensure the donations go to those who need it most. Walking around the dusty streets of Na Song gives you a picture of their everyday lives. Most families live in simple wooden shacks on stilts and in the schoolyard stands a lonely but loved iron rocking horse who looks like he should have been thrown out months ago. This is a community that is getting by rather than thriving.

There are plenty of sights that would bring tears to your eyes, but for me the hardest one of all was that of a boy of twelve who is severely disabled and who cannot walk or speak. If ever there was any doubt about the effort required to bring a child up in such conditions then it can be read on the lines on his mother’s face. CCF support makes their everyday lives easier, providing food and care visits.

There is a well-known Thai saying that proclaims "Children are the future of the nation, if the children are intelligent, the country will be prosperous." With the help of the CCF, families are able to take the first steps towards building a more independent future but this would not be possible without the support of donors.

Our Children Day near Udon Thani

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