Cabochon Hotel & Residence, Bangkok, Thailand


Cabochon Hotel & Residence

Restaurants & Dining

To make your stay truly memorable, we have a Lounge called the Joy Luck Club (catering to both members and non-members) and THAI LAO YEH Restaurant apart from the Rooftop Swimming Pool. These facilities cater to your needs for socializing and partaking of repasts; and, of course, of relaxation. Guests are automatically granted complementary access as Guest Members to the Club and the Swimming Pool during their stay with us.

The Joy Luck Club

Its name is reminiscent of the mahjong club made famous by Amy Tan's novel of the same name but in our Club the mahjong games as well as the Chinese American immigrant players are absent; instead, we welcome people of all nationalities that share a passion for wine, beer and finger food and a penchant for spinning personal yarns or vignettes; and, having a great time. The Club premises is well presented with two turn-of-the century Viennese or Parisian style salons, the main Lounge, 2 private Salons, Bar and the Library, and is located on the Ground Floor West-wing.

Thai Lao Yeh Restaurant

Across the lobby from the Joy Luck Club is our Thai Lao Yeh Restaurant featuring ever-popular Thai cuisine and introducing the less well-known Chiang-mai, E-San, and Laotian fares. The name although descriptive of Thai and Lao cuisines is also a clever pun of words, which in the Chinese Mandarin vernacular could also mean The Grand Old Man Restaurant, the play here being on the designer's family name.

To give patrons the atmosphere of ancient Siam and a touch of nostalgia and visual aesthetics, the wall panels of the Restaurant are crafted from 100-year old timber salvaged from a Thai village and painstakingly and expertly turned. The result is awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

The Rooftop Swimming Pool

Access to the Pool is via a beautiful and wide marble staircase of polished grey and white selected marble flooring while the railings are handcrafted teakwood exhibiting stylized oriental motifs, in some ways reflecting the motifs that adorn the balustrades on the balconies outside the building.

On the roof, the 22-meter pool is available for guests complementary use from 0700 hours to 1900 hours daily. No service of food and drinks is served at the poolside.

Towels and bathrobes are available from room service and must be returned to the rooms after use.

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