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    Get more insider's information about Bangkok from people who live here and have the passion to explore, experience and share, and from others who travelled there and came back with a story to tell. If you have a blog, don't hesitate to contact us and we will consider its inclusion in our website... However we will not consider overly commercial blogs and reserve the right to select the ones that best fit our website.

    Every month we select our favourite blog and honour it with the 'Blog of the Month' award. Our pick is a personal choice, perhaps a site with fantastic tips, great photos or simply funny posts that made us laugh out loud. 

    Bangkok I Love You is written by  Claire Mykura, a young expat lady with a love for shopping, finding new restaurants and generally exploring the city. We like the fact she mixes personal issues relating to her day to day life as a foreigner in Bangkok, with more topical posts about Thailand in general – and her awesome coffee shop recommendations. Read More...

    Bangkok Girl is an expat blog written by Anna, a Brit who has been based in the city for over a year. Covering everything from her favourite street food dishes to learning Thai, it is obvious that she has a passion for new discoveries and stepping outside her comfort zone. Anna isn’t afraid to share her opinions and is a regular poster, which means she is up to date with what is hot and what is not in the city. Read More...

    Bangkok Glutton ★

    Chawadee is a journalist and blogger who has made it her mission to try all of the street food stalls in Thailand. Although she hasn’t quite managed it yet, she’s doing a pretty good job at working her way through them, and even published a fabulous Bangkok guide book called ‘Top 50 Street Food Stalls’. If you are looking for the best places to try weird and unusual dishes then Bangkok Glutton will normally have some tips, as well as recommending her picks for Thai favourites. She even includes some recipes, so you can try to recreate these delicious dishes yourself. Read More...

    Less Ordinary Bloggers ★

    If you’ve ever wanted a picture of what it would be like to live in Bangkok, then Allan and Fanfan have put together an amazing, in-depth site about living in city. Together they make a great team. Allan is passionate about food, and there is an entire section of the blogs dedicated to his meals throughout Asia from different MacDonald’s in the region to the potent Ya Dong drink that you can find on Bangkok streets. Fanfan has a passion for design, shopping and restaurants. Read More...

    Bangkok Cinema Scene ★

    Bangkok Cinema scene is set up by Wise Kwai, someone who can’t get enough of great movies in Thailand. He actually runs two blogs, one focussing on the movies coming out in Bangkok and another that offers a brilliant insight into Thai cinema, including the archives and history of the silver screen in Thailand. Wise Kwai covers all kinds of films and theatres, from the large multi screened giants at Siam Paragon and CentralWorld to some much cooler screenings at the Alliance Française and Friese-Greene club. For anyone who has a passion for cinema, this is a must site to visit before coming to Bangkok. Read More...

    Stranger in Bangkok ★

    You can help but fall for Eddie’s charm when checking out his Stranger in Bangkok blog. Started initially to keep in touch with friends and family back home, it gives an insight into life with a young family in Bangkok, covering restaurants, recreating Thai dishes at home, areas of the city that are usually outside the well worn tourist an expat trail, as well as what it is like to have a small, and incredibly adorable kid in Bangkok. Read More...

    Art of Tuk Tuk ★

    When you think of Bangkok, one of the first things you picture are tuk tuks. Well that is exactly what this blog delivers, pictures these fantastic vehicules that whizz around the city, carrying everything from Khao San backpackers to a weekly order of bean sprouts for a local restaurant. Some eagle eyed visitors might have noticed the extra detailing and customisations that some drivers add to their tuk tuks – this blog is the ultimate photography guide to all those colours, stickers and lights that decorate these fun, noisy vehicles in Bangkok. Read More...

    Bangkok by Bicycle ★

    Although traffic seems never-ending in Bangkok, once you look carefully you will notice that there is a pretty large biking contingent in the city. Timbre and her enthusiastic friends have been cycling around Bangkok, and she has put together some great posts for anyone who wants to get around the city on two wheels. Each entry includes some fantastic photos, a description of her ride and a handy map with start and finish points Read More...

    The Facetious Farang ★

    Ruth is an extremely entertaining lass from Canada who moved to Bangkok in 2012 and shares her thoughts on local cultural phenomena in an amusing section called ‘Stuff Thai people Like’ including angry birds and plastic bags. Another regular posting we enjoy is Foodie Friday which not only include her attempts at recreating dishes from home but also the wonderful food she tries when out and about exploring Bangkok. For a more serious opinion on Thailand and life in general, check out her ruminations page. Read More...

    tea stains ★

    Jenny moved to Bangkok in July 2012 and has a passion for crafts, reading and writing. Her blog encompasses all of these, from her life here in Thailand to her latest artistic projects. She is honest about the ups and downs of living in a foreign country and trying to follow your dreams. Our favourite posts have to be Wednesday Windows, where she posts the best of shop windows not only from around Bangkok, but also from her travels. Read More...

    Krungthep 101 ★

    French expat Willy Thuan, who has lived in Thailand since 1994, and Bangkok-born Faa share their recommendations on places to go in the city. Why we like it: Combining Willy’s love of photography with restaurant and bar reviews, places to shop, travel tips and Bangkok attractions, this classic looking blog is a great Bangkok resource. The section on rooftop bars, showcasing some great fish-eye images of Bangkok’s swanky rooftop scene is especially good. Read More...

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