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A mere two-hour drive from Bangkok, Pattaya is the perfect place to spend a weekend out of the city, or a week or so chilling out. One of Thailand's liveliest beach resorts, around six million holidaymakers descend here every year. Why? Located on the Gulf of Siam, it probably has something to do with its four-kilometre crescent sweeping seashore, coupled with a gratifying blend of water sports, value-for-money beachside resorts, and eclectic entertainment.

As shown in our extensive Pattaya Area Guides, Pattaya City is much more than merely Pattaya Beach. Nearby are two other popular beach areas, Jomtien and Naklua. While close by (literally a matter of minutes by car or taxi), both are far removed in terms of pace of live and the amount of action. Take Jomtien, with its long straight beach, excellent water sports and quiet, down-to-earth atmosphere. This is a great area for families or those wanting resorts that, while themselves overflowing in peace and tranquility, are not too far away from the opposite. Likewise, Naklua and its beach-straddling resorts are great places to find solitude, sun and sea, yet only minutes from Pattaya's party crowds. Read More in our Area Guides section. 

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Pattaya is divided in three main areas: Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach and Naklua Beach. Each has its own unique character and charm. Read More...

Pattaya Beaches & Islands

Despite its wild image, Pattaya has a host of entertaining and enjoyable day-time attractions and activities to offer the increasing number of visitors who flock to this seaside destination. Read More...

Pattaya Attractions

There's more to Pattaya than neon nightlife and the beaches. From panoramic viewpoints to rare orchid farms to offbeat museums, Pattaya is brimful of unusual sights worth checking out. Read More...

Pattaya Activities

The question should be "how can I fit it all in?" From sun-drenched water sports and world-class golf to bowling and go-carting, Pattaya has something to thrill young and old alike. Read More...


Pattaya Restaurants

Superb food is just about everywhere in Thailand and Pattaya is no exception. From street vendors to five star gourmet dining, Pattaya will cater both to your taste and your pocket. Read More...

Pattaya Nightlife Pattaya Nightlife

Girls, shows, bar games....and competing stereos all combine to raise the blood one huge party zone from Soi 13 to Soi 16 in South Pattaya. Read More...

Pattaya Shopping

Shopping is a major pastime in Thailand, particularly with tourists. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to reach the frenzy in Pattaya that it does in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or even Phuket. Read More...

Pattaya Information

The better you're informed about bare essentials like getting around, useful travel tips and other bits of odds and ends, the least (unpleasant) surprises you'll encounter. Read More...

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