Bangkok Natural Spa & Resort, Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok Natural Spa & Resort


Spa Packages

Indulge yourself or a friend with an exclusive Spa package, designed to provide head-to-toe care.
For a luxurious treat, may we recommend.

  • Wisdom of Thai 2.5 hrs.
  • Realm of Tranquility 2 hrs.
  • Ultimate Spa Experience 2.5 hrs.
  • Bangkok Natural Spa Retreat 3.0 hrs.
  • Vitality Package 3.0 hrs.
  • Bangkok Natural Spa Sensation (Suite Room) 3.0 hrs.
  • Absolute Indulgence (Suite Room) 3.5 hrs.
Body Massage

Surrender yourself to absolute bliss. Massage has been proven to reduce stress and tension, improve sleep and promote natural healing qualities. After a short massage you will feel relaxed, fresh and ready to tackle the world.

  • Bangkok Natural Blending Massage 120 mins
  • Traditional Thai Massage 120 mins
  • Thai Herbal Massage [ Prakob] 120 mins
  • Thai Heritage Hot Oil Herbal Compressing Massage 120 mins
  • Head, Shoulder & Scalp Massage 60 mins
  • Foot Reflexology 60 mins
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage 90 mins
  • Swedish Massage 90 mins
  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage 90 mins
  • Hot Stone Aroma Massage 120 mins 
Special Body Treatment

Detoxifying Slimming Body Massage 90 mins:
A therapeutic massage fully optimized for Maximum effect encorporating specialized Massage techniques that help reduce lymph fluid retention,toxicity and improve blood circulation whilst preserving skin’s youthful glow.

Sea weed Body Wrap 90 mins:
This stimulating skin polishing treatment exfoliates and detoxifies.A unique treatment with Marine Algae, known for its minerals; removing dead skin with a natural seaweed mask activates circulation and brightens complexio 

Body Scrub
  • Smooth Milk Body Scrub 60 mins
  • Oat Milk Softening Body Scrub 60 mins
  • Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub 60 mins
  • Green Tea Body Scrub 60 mins
  • Detoxifying Coffee Body Scrub 60 mins
  • Bamboo Charcoal Scrub 60 mins
  • Siam Classic Body Scrub 60 mins 
Body Scrub and Wrap

These exclusive treatments will make your body feel fresh again. Wrap yourself up, treat yourself right, get a new glow. For your body, may we recommend…

Green Tea Body Scrub/ wrap 90 mins
Thai Cereal Body Scrub/Wrap 90 mins
Marine Mud Wrap and Revitalizing Scrub 90 mins 

Recommended Facial Treatments
  • Refreshing Facial Treatment 45 mins
  • Hydrating & Revitalizing Facial 90 mins
  • Brightening & Radiating Treatment 90 mins
  • Anti - Blemish Oily Skin Treatment 90 mins
  • Collagen / After Sun Facial Treatment 90 mins
  • Anti - Ageing Facial Treatment 90 mins
  • Firming Facial Treatment 90 mins
  • Soothing Facial Treatment 90 mins
  • Re - Energizing Facial Treatment 90 mins 
Sothys Facial Treatments

Facials are an important part of every smart skincare routine.The benefits are obvious-healthy-looking skin that’s incredibly clean, smooth and radiant. And the overall experience is so relaxing and luxurious. For your face may we recommend.

Eye Contouring Treatment 60 mins
Inspiration Luxury Facial Treatment 90 mins