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SHINE @ Bandara City Spa

The Essence of Spa Therapy…

A facility dedicated to soothing the senses and rejuvenating the body and mind. It is a concept that is a world away from the old-fashioned notion of a place “for the administration internally or externally of fresh natural waters at or near their source.” While hydrotherapy is still a very important part of what is expected of a typical spa, it is likely to be combined with massage often with essential oils, and will usually be designed to both relax and stimulate the entire body.

The inextricable relationship between the products used in spa treatments and the therapies themselves, is important in establishing a signature conceptual approach that will distinguish an establishment from its competitors, and therefore build a loyal clientele. Placing oneself literally in the hands of others, however professional they may be, is a very personal decision and one that is influenced by all the senses.

Of the five senses it is smell which triggers the most vivid memory recall, often bringing with these memories strong emotions. This phenomenon results from the stimulation of the body’s nasal scent receptors in the brain’s limbic system, the area responsible for the storage of strong emotions. If, as often is the case, the recalled emotions are positive, this will have an amazingly therapeutic and relaxing effect.

It’s clear that essential oils and the aromas associated with them work in a variety of ways. Their contribution to the holistic concept of spa treatment in helping to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind is significant, and their influence is often all pervasive. This is a science that requires in–depth understanding in order to harvest the full rewards of the oils’ myriad of benefits.

Shine A Bandara City Spa is dedicated to preparing suitable aromatic oils for their urban clientele. SHINE’S guests will be pampered with a custom experience designed to best suit their personal body needs. Let’s journey to the quaint aromatic world at SHINE for a relaxing tune up of the spirit.  

SHINE by Character

Here are the pure sensational and tranquil surrounding that enchant the senses also unbind the mind and allow the inner self to relax and rejuvenate. Situated in the new sophisticated city hotel right in the heart of Silom area which intends to offer a playful yet lavish character to the city of Angels, the spa has proven to be far beyond an in-hotel recreation for stay in guests only.

Sophisticatedly at a glance with warmth color tone of decoration has been created for an elegant look yet reflecting its key concept of urban skin therapy. Interior@ SHINE will impress you with a chic combination of modernist art pieces and color tone. SHINE space of 198 square –metre located on the 1ST Floor the main Lobby Lounge adjacent to

SHINE is the pool side garden offering the fresh and greenery corner for SHINE guest to relax alternatively. SHINE is presenting the most functional space allocation to meet all therapy service aspects. A cosy guest reception area purposely to create the personalized consultancy ,provided by white seating like your own living room combined with the length of orange leather sofa offering the lounge ambiance adjacent to the lounge will be the chair massage section combined with facial treatment section.

This open area has been designed for the ideal quick fixed massage in upper area of the body from the back side to the head massage, inclusive of any type of facial treatments. The high ceiling with the warm light will help to release the anxiousness and stress.

The overall facilities at SHINE are…..

  • 5 chair massages
  • 5 facial treatment beds
  • 2 single treatment rooms
  • 1 double treatment room
  • 1 combined locker & changing room
  • 1 changing facilities room


Walking along the corridor further escaped, is 1 treatment room with double bed furnished with hydro-jet showering plus essential facilities offering the privacy treatment for a couple from massage to entire program of SHINE variety. Besides that another 2 of single treatment rooms located on the side of corridor furnished with essential facilities serving individual requirements. 

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