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Dining with Style at MAISON CHIN

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Maison Chin Where East Meets West Cuisine is now what Christopher Driver calls “the collision of food worlds over the past generation” has resulted in a permanent cross-fertilisation.” Our initial reluctance to sample the new is rapidly being overcome, and our cooking is being revitalized by an uncharacteristic openness to foreign ingredients and techniques. These changes are far more noticeable now that they were twenty years ago in Bangkok.

The number and variety of restaurants featuring cosmopolitan and fusion cuisines have grown impressively. This melding of the familiar and exotic is part of a growing trends toward what I called “East-West Cuisines” in 1980, a cooking style blending compatible ingredients and techniques that were formerly isolated within Asian or European kitchens. Its increasing acceptance is no doubt related to the influence of la nouvelle cuisine, an approach that consciously draws upon foreign foods, flavours and techniques, and to the increasing internationalization of so many aspects of modern life especially here in Bangkok.

At Maison Chin, we work together to bring a style of cooking that is a natural blending of cuisines of the Asia and Europe that reflects the tasty multi-cultural experience of Bangkok today. We will strive to delight your palate with a touch of creativity, discovery, and the enjoyment of simple pleasures of eating.

I wish you a happy voyage on this culinary adventure at Maison Chin.

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Wine Bar

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The wine bar. Chill out, relax, and let our international Sommelier guide you through our innovative wine list. Whether you are a novice wine enjoyer or a connoisseur of the world’s vineyards, we have prepared a bar dedicated to the wine enthusiast.

This secluded spot is ideal for escaping the city after a long day. No matter if you are on your own or with friends, let the good times flow at our wine bar.


Entering the CHIN CHIN wine bar is a bit like slipping beneath an umbrella in a rainstorm and having the little annoyances of the world turned away. With the soft lighting, sleek modern design of the bar, and inviting furniture created the cosy ambiance feel more like sitting at a friend's home instead of an inner city pub. This feeling was enhanced when the waiter ambled over to our table with a big smile and a plethora of information about CHIN CHIN'S wine selection, and how best for us to enjoy one of the wines.

Indispensable details such as the proper glass and temperature to bring out the utmost flavor of the selected bottle were not over looked. The wine selection at CHIN CHIN is fabulous and long range. Wine recommended staffs are well-educated with specific product knowledge about each vineyard that served ensure you would never be bother by a long wine list

CHIN CHIN –another significantly –we serve the new creativity of tapas menu –a delicious Asian and Western fusion dishes and so for a full complement of mixed drinks, whiskey, and beer are also available in the menu and promotions.

CHIN CHIN can cater up to 27 capacities -17 seats inside the bar and the lounge can accommodates another 10 seats on account of the relaxed and intimate feel, the area is purposefully uncluttered with excess tables or chairs.This gives each group a bit of privacy, keeping the din to a pleasant murmur, and making for an ideal meeting place for a quiet business conversation or romantic chat.  

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