Avana Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Avana Bangkok Hotel

Facilities & Services

Hotel Facilities
  • Massage & Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Coffee Shop
  • Laundry
  • Tourist Information Service
  • Touch Screen Game
  • Lobby
  • Fitness Center
  • Internet Corner (Lease Line)
  • Minimart
  • Car park and Security 
  • Restaurant
  • Sauna Room
  • Karaoke Room
  • Rattiya Design Beauty Salon
  • ATM 
Thai Massage & Spa
Thai Traditional Massage parlour provides services such as Stress Release Massage, Muscle Massage by well-trained staffs in a proper private area. We also provide in-room service as per your request. For more information or booking, please contact Thai Traditional Massage staffs.
Coffee Shop
At Avana Cafe, we provide variety of snacks such as sandwich, salad, pie, and cake. Our drink list includes Juice, hot/ice coffee, beer and many more.
Let our front office staffs give you a warm welcome at AVANA reception which right next to the lobby where you could enjoy the relax atmosphere while waiting for your check in. You would also find our lobby a great place for appointment or business meeting.
Manna restaurant serves you with Thai - Chinese - European Food. We Offer you with variety of selected menu from our chefs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also serve you with beverages and a selection of wine. Our restaurant is consisted of 2 different atmospheric sections which are 1. In-Door section (with air-condition) peaceful and private atmosphere. It is suitable for dine or business meeting. 2. Out-Door section: right next to the swimming pool, surrounded by variety of trees, you can relax either alone within your space or join with a group of friends for the next meeting. With our room service, you can order food, beverage or snack (from our restaurant) to be delivered directly to your room.
Swimming Pool
AVANA Bangkok Hotel‘s Swimming pool consist of 2 swimming pool
1. A Regular Pool: 10 meters width, 25 meters length, 1.30 meters depth.
2. Children Pool : Semi circle with diameter of 5 meters and 0.50 meter depth.
We have provided plastic beds around the swimming pool for you to take a nap, relax or take a sunbath amidst the wind, beverage or beer to sip.
For more information, please contact Swimming Pool's staff.
Fitness Center
Our fitness center has professional staff to provide and advise and instruct on different type of equipments to suit your exercise requirement. For more information, please contact Fitness Center staff.
Tuk Tuk car service
Avana Hotel service free Tuk Tuk car or van service to take our guest who want to go to shopping at Central Department Store , Free transfer from Hotel to Suvarnabhumi Airport (one way) at 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m Please contact front desk for advance booking.
Internet Corner
At AVANA, we also serves you with High Speed Lease Line Wireless Internet. Guest who brings their own Computer Notebook can access internet anywhere in and around hotel area including guest rooms, meeting room, lobby, restaurant and swimming pool. We also provide computers for Guest to access the internet at our Internet corner. We have both Time Limited Rate and Month Rate. For more information, please contact our receptionist.
Avana Karaoke
AVANA Bangkok Hotel provides sauna room (Size : 3 x 3 Meters) serving up to 5 persons. Both sauna room and bath room are separated for lady and gentleman. For more information, please contact Fitness Center staff.
Our laundry and dry cleaning service provide both regular rate as well as member rate. We also have a Priority Urgent Service (Return within 8 Hours, please check for the PUS (Priority Urgent Service) Rate. For more information, please contact Laundry staff
Mini Mart
Provide various types of snack and daily use items you could find in minimart. Make sure you stop by at our minimart before you go out for a “small” shopping!
Rattiya Design Beauty Salon
Beauty salon by professional ready to serve ladies as well as gentlemen. Services include hair cutting, hair highlight, hair spa, hair treatment, manicure, and pedicure. For more information, please contact Beauty Salon's staff
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