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Bangkok Attractions

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  • Bangkok Children's Discovery Museum

    Bangkok Attractions

    A visit to this museum destroys all preconceived notions of a museum as a mothball-reeking, dead quiet place with 'do not touch' signs everywhere. Bangkok's Children Discovery Museum actually encourages a hands-on approach to learning. By presenting interactive displays, it calls on a 'discovery learning process', whereby children enter the experience and participate in the process of learning rather than remaining a passive (and bored) viewer - a perfect place for inquisitive young minds to figure things out for themselves, as well as for tinier tots just wanting to touch everything.

    This museum gets kids excited and encourages them to ask questions about how the world works. Figure out how it all fits together, by looking at the parts and experimenting - that's the idea. Fun in the science gallery includes creating your own giant bubble from inside. Try to understand the nature of illusion by entering a tunnel of mirrors. In the 'life' section, examine the processes of the mind and body - experiment with the human kinetic processes yourself and check out your heart rate by scaling an indoor bicycle. Now put your coordination skills to the test by hitting the button corresponding to each different action... This is education at its most fun!

    Wonder what kind of music would come from the stars? What about other parts of the world? Test the different drums from all over the world. Listen to recordings of greetings in different languages, or discover what sounds go with which of the various instruments. What do different people wear? What kind of houses do they live in? This exhibition intends to foster in children a respect for diversity and a natural curiosity about the world around them. What is the grown-ups' world really like? Be one for a day. Kids can even join a cooking class and make some real yummy (Thai) food at My Little Kitchen. If they are rising starlets, let them have their own TV or radio talk show.

    You can take to the wheel, not literally of course, but here you can test drive and see which buttons and levers do what. This installation has a real seat, with a gearbox, steering wheel and dashboard with the whole range of buttons and levers. There is even a car suspended in mid air so you can see the underside - what happens when you turn the wheel, and turn each switch. Notice how all the parts work in unison and even see how an accident can happen. Here is something that even adults can learn from. Where does electricity come from? And how much energy do we use? Marvel at how much each household appliance uses up in the 'energy gorging monster'.

    Learning can be a fun experience

    Outside is a fun playground, which challenges anyone to conquer the labyrinth of the Pyramid Net - or how about walking across a wonky bridge or swinging down a spiral ladder? Or you can have a seat and get creative with paints or pen and paper - plot out the next great invention. Visit the fascinating Robot Zoo, a concept that explains an animal's functions by means of a mechanistic comparison. Imagine, no, experience, what it is like to hang like a bat, or discover how echolocation really works. How about having sticky feet like a bee? Try it by wearing some Velcro slippers. If all this tires you out, go and find a cosy and quiet corner in the reading zone surrounded by a make-believe garden. Or head to the canteen for a bite or thirst-quenching cold drink. 

    • Opening Hours: 10:00 - 16:00 (Tuesday to Sunday)
    • Location: Chatuchak Park
    • MRT: Chatuchak
    • BTS: Mo Chit
    • Tel: +66 (0)2 246 6144
    • Price Range: Free
    • How to get there: From BTS or MRT Chatuchak Station, head towards Chatuchak Weekend Market, turn right at Kampangphet 3 Rd., and keep walking (about 10 min.) until you see the museums's sign on your left.
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